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1. Orders Services:

TALMUD has an excellent sales team, providing quotation service timely. We also report the orders status to customers promptly. You can contact us by telephone or email at any time.

2. Orders Supervision Services:

TALMUD has much experience in orders supervision. We not only do our own orders supervision, but also can help you do other companies orders supervision.

3. Design Services:

TALMUD has our own design team to provide the design services for customers. If you only have the idea, we can help you turn it into reality products.

4. Consulting Services:

TALMUD has much experience in promotional area, such as event marketing, advertising promotion and so on. We are your promotion program adviser, when you dont know how to choose promotional products.

5. One-stop Purchasing Services:

TALMUD has been asked to seek a very diverse range of items. We keep a good relationship with suppliers in many provinces, and have rich business experience. We can help you.

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