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Posted By on February 8, 2020

Youre in the middle of making dinner, helping your kids with homework, about to return a call, send an important email you know, busy with life ... when out of nowhere, you and your spouse have a spat. Suddenly, fireworks are flyingand I dont mean the pretty kind.

Youre left scratching your head, wondering, What just happened here? One minute, everything was fine, we were going about our day. The next minute, were in an argument over what!?

Oh, yeah. Money. Again!

Does this sound familiar?

Money is said to be one of the leading causes of stress in a marriage. It tops the list of Top 10 argument starters, and as a result, many couples avoid talking about the subject altogether. And when they finally do, which is inevitable in any marriage, well, the conversation can quickly escalate into a sparring match.

So do you just accept the impending volatility around money as part of marriage? You dont have to.

The Torahs ways are pleasant ways, and all its paths are peace. Our sages have always emphasized that Gd dwells where there is peace. Peace is the vessel for Gds blessings. Great is peace, the vessel that contains and sustains Gds blessings.

The emphasis on peace is even greater when it comes to family lifein particular, the relationship between husband and wife. In fact, the Talmud explains that Gd will even allow His holy name to be erased in water in order to bring peace between husband and wife.

You want peace. Your spouse wants peace. And so does Gd.

So, how can you achieve peace and harmony around the topic that seems to rival the stock markets volatility?

Allow me to offer a practical solution. Its called the Money Date.

A Money Date is an appointment with your spouse when you talk intimately, openly and respectfully about what tends to be an emotionally charged topic: your finances.

It gives you and your spouse the opportunity to understand and discuss each of your views, concerns, habits and upbringing around money. After all, as our sages have said, No two people think alike.

Now that youre on your way to mastering the regular Money Date, open your calendars again. This time, schedule a regular date with your spouse, one when you dont talk about your money. From now on, allow the volatility to stay where it belongsin the stock market. And enjoy the peace!

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How to Reduce the Volatility of Financial Conversations -

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