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Writer answers defenses of presidents behavior

Id like to address some issues Dave Alston raised in his recent letter. I spoke to Christianity because they are the majority in this county. However, the many sincere Muslims, Hindus, etc. who live here also do not approve of Trumps ethics. Its a moral lack that offends kind and thoughtful folks. The Quran, Talmud, Bhagavad Gita, etc. because they all denounce lying, cheating and adultery. Christians dont have a monopoly on decent behavior.

Mr. Alston seems to imply the end justifies the means. The falseness of which most of us learned at our mothers knee. I look askance at any who say, He might be a jerk but hes OUR jerk. By their fruits ye shall know them is a valued clich because we know fruits of a poison tree are rarely good for anyone.

Washington and Lincoln are our paragons of thoughtfulness and intelligence. They should be the example all who seek office aspire to emulate. If I have a choice, I would pick an electric chainsaw if I dont care for smoke and noise, to use Alstons example.

Politics aint bean-bag is true because its a rough-and-tumble business. But, you dont have to be a jerk to succeed, just tough-skinned and have some guts. Neither describe Trump.

Finally, any regular reader of this column knows I hold progressive views but havent been a Democrat for decades. There are no saints in either party. Its always the lesser of two evils. By the by, I wonder why Dave put sins in parenthesis. Does he think they arent?

John Allen, Demi-John Island

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Letter to the editor for Feb. 14, 2020 | Opinion - Brazosport Facts

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