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By JLNJ Staff | January 16, 2020

Maayanot graduates are empowered to achieve in any field, be it engineering, medicine, law or education. Many Maayanot alumnae are also inspired to give back to Maayanot, both as fellows during their college years and as part of Maayanots stellar faculty.

College-age alumnae visit Maayanot every other Friday to enhance the Torah classes. Avigayil Keiser (17), who loved the alumnae fellows when she was a student, is grateful that Maayanot faculty want to continue to connect with alumnae, and wants to show appreciation for Maayanot by giving back. Leora Adler (18) enjoys giving lessons tailored to the interests of students in each grade. I had a great experience at Maayanot, and I want to pass on appreciation of Torah to the students, especially in the younger grades.

In November, 10 alumnae from the class of 2018 attended the Maayanot shabbaton in a happy homecoming for them, and to the benefit of the current Maayanot students, who enjoyed connecting with young women who had so recently walked their path. Seniors appreciated the opportunity to discuss their questions about Israel seminary programs with alumnae who had returned just a few months prior.

Maayanot is also proud to count seven alumnae as current faculty. Science and STEAM teacher Sara Resnick (11) explained, My love for science began at Maayanot, where I was lucky to have passionate, intriguing science teachers. I was excited to come back to the place where I developed my passion for the subjects I now teach. Chava Lerner (04), Talmud department chair, explained, Maayanot supports Talmud study for women as one of the most significant ways to connect to the Mesorah, a mission I support wholeheartedly. Added Talmud teacher Gabrielle Berger (09), I am excited to pass on to my students the Torah, values and skills that have been imparted to me.

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Maayanot Alumnae Inspired To Give and Achieve - Jewish Link of New Jersey

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