Nation of Islam posts Farrakhans call for Jews to ditch the Talmud & be saved amid Nick Cannon antisemitism debacle – RT

Posted By on July 19, 2020

The Nation of Islam posted a call from leader Louis Farrakhan to the Jewish community telling them to turn away from the Talmud to be spared by God - hours after Farrakhan fan Nick Cannon was fired over his own "antisemitism."

The black Muslim minister ordered members of the Jewish community to turn away from the Talmud and embrace the Torah and stop doing evil to those whom you believe are less than yourself and justifying it by the Talmud. The clip was posted by the Nation of Islam to Twitter on Wednesday.

If you will forsake the Talmud, God will give you more time. But if in your mind you feel that you are able to harm me or kill meI can guarantee your destruction.

Accusing Jews of making [the Talmud] greater than Gods word, Farrakhan nevertheless insisted he harbored no hate for them. They tell lies to make you think I am a bigot or antisemite, so you wont listen to what Im saying, he explained elsewhere in the speech, adding that so far theyve been pretty successful.

Farrakhan covered topics ranging from the founding of the Nation of Islam to the coronavirus to police brutality during the three-hour address, given on July 4 in honor of the sects 90th anniversary in the US. He also claimed Jews had poisoned him with radiated seed, seeking to destroy him because he represents the uncovering of their wickedness. The speech was intended to air on Fox Soul TV, butan organized complaint campaign convinced the company to cancel the broadcast.

Perhaps smelling weakness, many on social media ramped up their calls for Farrakhan to be canceled altogether. The polarizing religious leader already has the distinction of being the only non-conservative in the initial group of celebrities declared dangerous individuals by Facebook in 2018, and the Anti-Defamation League complained on Wednesday that he was the most popular antisemite in America.

Entertainer Nick Cannon brought up Farrakhan during the podcast that got him fired from ViacomCBS after over 20 years with the company, some noted, wondering why Farrakhan couldnt be canceled as well. Cannon spouted a good deal more anti-white bigotry than antisemitic comments, but Farrakhan has done his fair share of calling out white devils too.

Some rolled their eyes at Farrakhan and his followers belief that Jews control the media or the world, pointing out that if that was the case, Farrakhan wouldnt be living in it, even as others pointed out that antisemitism seemed to carry a much harsher sentence than anti-white bigotry.

However, many others jumped in to defend Farrakhan, praising his and the Nation of Islams work and noting Cannon is just the latest black celebrity to get canceled for speaking positively about him.

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Nation of Islam posts Farrakhans call for Jews to ditch the Talmud & be saved amid Nick Cannon antisemitism debacle - RT

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