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Readings on Zionism and Related Topics

Neturei Karta now offers books, publications and DVDs for sale.

The 100 year record of religious Jewish opposition to Zionism.

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Exile and Redemption: The Torah Approach by "A Friend of Neturei Karta" -- (62 pages, illustrated, footnoted) This is a fundamental work which presents in detail the Torah approach to Zionism, explores the history and effect of the movement in history and suggests how the rejection of Zionism will yield many blessings for the Jewish people. Included as well is a step by step overview of the recent dialogue between Orthodox Rabbis and the Minister Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.


(41 pages) Rabbi Moshe Beck, a leading thinker of anti-Zionism is interviewed by Patrick Harrington of Third Way (England).

A fundamental exploration of Zionism and its underlying philosophy. The new addition includes several additional articles by Rabbi Beck

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Traditional Torah Opposition to ZionismDocuments of the past 100 years religious Jewish opposition to Zionism

New expanded edition


A Threat from Within: History of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

by Yakov M. Rabkin, 261 pages.



The Tragic Irony Misusing the Holocaust for Political AGenda, The State of israel Hijacks a Jewish Tragedy (44 pages)

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Books and DVDs on Zionism -

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