Breaking out clashes with Zionists option on table for Hamas – Mehr News Agency – English Version

Posted By on August 25, 2021

"Every occupied nation is working to achieve its goals, and Palestinian resistance groups still have the option of breaking out a full-scale conflict on the table," he said, Sama News reported.

"The option of a full-scale conflict with the occupying Zionist regime is still on the table of Palestinian resistance groups," he noted.

Answering a question about Hamas' relation with Saudis, Marzuk explained, "We have no connection with Saudi Arabia because Riyadh denies this connection."

"We are doing our best to free the Palestinian detainees in Saudi Arabia, and we hope that Riyadh will respond to this call," he added.

He also informed that Hamas received a request fromJared Kushner, Former Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, for having a meeting with Hamas officials but refused it for Kushnersought to implement the 'Deal of Century' via this meeting.

"Hamas is not opposed to any serious negotiation as long as the talks donot harm the rights of the Palestinian people," he noted.

His remarks came as fighter jets of the Zionist regime targeted areas in the north, south, and west of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning with widespread and nonstop attacks.

Following the attack, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, announced that it has shot down a Zionist-owned drone in the skies of the Khan Yunis area.

This is while that UN Human Rights Watch issued a statement yesterday regarding the Israeli attacks on residential areas in Gaza Strip during the recent war.

The United Nations Human Rights Watch says Israeli airstrikes on four residential buildings in Gaza during the recent war have been a violation of war laws and are considered war crimes.


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Breaking out clashes with Zionists option on table for Hamas - Mehr News Agency - English Version

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