Canary Mission Report Highlights Antisemitism Among Supporters of USC Student Senator Who Tweeted I Want to Kill Every Motherf—ing Zionist – Jewish…

Posted By on March 29, 2022

The Canary Mission watchdog released a new report on March 28 detailing antisemitic social posts from various supporters of USC Viterbi School of Engineerings Viterbi Graduate Student Association Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Student Senator Yasmeen Mashayekh, who had previously been under fire for past social media posts.

As the Journal has previously reported, Mashayekhs social media posts have included I want to kill every motherfing Zionist, Curse the Jews [in Arabic], Zionists are going to fing pay, LONG LIVE THE INTIFADA and I fing love [H]amas. The university responded by saying that the antisemitic behavior we are witnessing is deeply troubling and announced a series of measures to combat antisemitism on campus; however, they said they couldnt remove her from her position as DEI senator because its a student-elected position and her tweets are protected speech under the First Amendment.

The Canary Mission report states the watchdog conducted an investigation into the social media posts of supporters of Mashayekh and found that 35 Mashayekh supporters had more than 1000 posts calling for death and violence, spreading classic antisemitism, declaring support for terrorism, hatred of Israel, Zionists, America and Canada and promoting [the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement]. Some of these posts included:

Overall, Canary Mission found that Mashayekh supporters had 290 posts promoting hatred of Israel & Zionism, 181 supporting terrorism, 170 promoting hatred of Israelis & Zionists and 137 calls for death and violence. Additionally, 57% of Mashayekhs supporters were affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

The report concluded by criticizing USC for failing to take appropriate and timely action against Mashayekh. The supporters of Yasmeen Mashayekh who are pressuring USC to protect her are equally as antisemitic and hate-filled as she is, the report stated. There can be no balancing act, no moral equivalency between those protesting hatred and those that peddle it.

Mashayekh has told The Los Angeles Times that she doesnt feel safe on campus, claiming that she is being subjected to targeted harassment and that the university has not adequately responded to her concerns. She also said she was removed from Virterbis website and is concerned about future employment opportunities and her loan payments. I just really wish I didnt have to think about what I would change. I wish people didnt expect Palestinians to be the perfect victims. Mashayekh has also claimed that her posts need to be viewed under the context of Palestinians having a right to resist occupation under international law.

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Canary Mission Report Highlights Antisemitism Among Supporters of USC Student Senator Who Tweeted I Want to Kill Every Motherf---ing Zionist - Jewish...

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