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Posted By on September 23, 2020

There is no doubt that the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Gulf states has dealt a catastrophic blow to the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Palestinians are astonished, embarrassed, and confused. They dont know how to recover their lost pedestal. They are shooting in all directions. They accuse fellow Arabs of betraying Islam, Palestine and the holy Muslim mosque in Jerusalem. One of the most successful ways to fight Israel, the Jews and the peace process is to use the Muslim religion to arouse the masses and play with their emotions.

In recent days, the PA has re-engaged this old method using verses from the Koran for propaganda. This time it is to fight Israels peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain. This step aims to deal a blow to both Israel and those Arab nations.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs in the PA government last week distributed a document with these headlines:

The document contained instructions regarding anti-Semitic messages the PA wanted included in Friday sermons last week. These were instructions to the preachers in all the mosques to speak against the Israel-UAE-Bahrain agreements, and to use verses from the Koran and the Hadith [Muslim oral teachings] to attack anyone involved in the peace process.

The purpose of this despicable act was to incite hatred against the Jews, against Israel and against any Arab state that wants to establish diplomatic ties with Israel. The cynical use of religion for PA propaganda purposes is certainly stooping to a very low level. Unfortunately, this is not a new methodology for the Palestinians, as we shall soon see.

However, first we will read the document. What did the Muslim worshipers hear as we celebrated the Hebrew Rosh Hashanah? The following is a translation of the document by Palestinian Media Watch:

In the name of All Merciful Allah

The State of Palestine

Sept. 16, 2020The [PA] Ministry of Religious Affairs

Friday sermon Sept. 18, 2020

[Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs] Husam Abu Al-Rub

And do not incline toward those who do wrong [Quran 11:113, Sahih International translation]

The danger of normalization:

References and Shariah proofs:

Note: The Friday sermon and prayers will take place in open public spaces, while adhering to the guidelines and instructions of the [PA] Ministry of Religious Affairs and the [PA] Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs

Now lets examine the cynical use of Muslim religion on the part of Palestinians.

Even before the establishment of Israel in 1948, Palestinian Mufti Has Amin al-Husseini ably used his knowledge of religion for political purposes, and even to inspire acts of terrorism against the British and Jews.

One of the important achievements in the early 1930s for the Islamic Council, headed by the Mufti, was cutting down on sales of land to Jews and even prohibiting it altogether. Husseini issued a fatwa [ruling] which defined anyone who sold land to Jews as a traitor who could not be buried in a Muslim cemetery. In addition, he claimed that selling Palestinian land was equivalent to selling parts of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He demanded such a person be expelled from Islamic society.

The Mufti used all sorts of methods to strengthen his position and increase his popularity among the Arab public. One of the most successful was to appoint preachers in mosques in most parts of the country. The position of Mosque preacher did not exist during the Ottoman rule in the Land for centuries up to that time. The Mufti instituted this position so that the preachers would be able to speak in his favor and inspire the people to support his plans. In this way he succeeded in influencing the peasants and causing the young to be antagonistic toward the Jews. He appointed his own man in each mosque. With this brilliant move, the Mufti managed to control the mosques and the crowds by conveying the messages he wanted to spread at times to incite the masses and at other times to calm the masses.

Similar to the Muftis activities, the Palestinian Authority now seeks in the 21st century to control the masses and use religion to incite them against the Jews and against moderate Arab states. From reading the above document one can discern the incitement directed mainly against the Jews not Israelis and not Zionists, but all Jews. PA officials have always said they are not against the Jews but only against Zionism and the occupation. Today, they have proved otherwise. Their true antisemitic colors have been exposed.

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Cynical Use of Mosques to Incite Against the Jews - Israel Today

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