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Posted By on August 1, 2022

The new Sunday Opinion editor of the New York Times will be Max Strasser, a longtime critic of Israel who, as a Times editor, championed Peter Beinarts public renunciation of Zionism.

The news was greeted with dismay by at least one watchdog monitoring and combating anti-Israel bias in the press. Expect even more anti-Israel sentiment from NYT opinion. (And by anti-Israel, I also mean anti-the-very-existence-of-the-Jewish-state, in line with Strassers own ideology), tweeted Gilead Ini, a senior research analyst at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis.

A July 2020 Algemeiner column Meet Max Strasser, Israel Critic on the Ascent at Post-Bari Weiss New York Times reported that with Weisss departure, the go-to-editor on Israel-related matters at one of worlds the most influential opinion journalism platforms is a 2009 Oberlin College graduate, Max Strasser, who is a vocal public critic of the idea of a Jewish state.

The columndetailed Strassers track record. In a 2010 opinion article published in the Forward, Strasser wrote, Im afraid this is going to be a hard pill for the older generation to swallow: the idea of a state that is officially defined as Jewish is in conflict with the worldviews of many in my generation. A state that is predicated on ethnic nationalism, a state that privileges one group of citizens over another because of ethnic identity, as Israel does through its policies on housing, immigration and a number of other issues, is not a state that will be wholeheartedly embraced by young American Jews like me.

In a 2010 article for Foreign Policy, Strasser referred to the Mossad as Israels infamous intelligence agency. The article concluded that a theory that Mossad was behind shark attacks in Egypt was farfetched, but nonetheless repeated the claim under the headline Egypts shark week: Mossad to blame?

When Beinart publicly renounced Zionism, Strasser tweeted out the link with enthusiastic approval: This intelligent, searching piece by @PeterBeinart in @nytopinion may strike some as controversial today but I think before too long it will be mainstream opinion among American Jewish liberals.

A Times press release announcing Strassers promotion said, After nearly five years in London, Max Strasser will be returning to New York this fall to be the new editor of the recently renamed and redesigned Sunday Opinion. Max will bring his keen judgment, editorial skill and experience in Opinion to the section, where he will curate Sunday Opinion, assign and edit long-form essays and work with Opinions story editors, columnists and contributing writers on Opinions signature weekly print product.

Strasser did not immediately reply to an email from the Algemeiner asking whether the 2010 Forward article and the tweet about the Beinart article remained accurate summations of his current views on Israel, or whether his positions had since evolved significantly. If there has been a shift in his views, there has been no public indication of it that I could find.

Ira Stoll was managing editor ofThe Forwardand North American editor ofThe Jerusalem Post. His media critique, a regularAlgemeinerfeature, can be foundhere.

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Editor Who Pushed Anti-Zionism Gets a Promotion at New York Times - Algemeiner

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