Hebrew University will give credit for ‘right-wing activism’ – The Jerusalem Post

Posted By on February 14, 2020

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem will award two academic credits to students who volunteer with the right-wing movement Im Tirtzu, despite the institution's bylaws that determine that organizations recognized as "partisan" or "political" would not be awarded points for social engagement.

A spokesperson for the university said the movement had no partisan or political affiliation, and that the credits were given after the movement declared that it focuses on social activities for the needy, elderly and disadvantaged in Jerusalem, including Israeli-Arabs.

Meretz leader MK Nitzan Horowitz said in response to the move that, "Im Tirtzu is an extremist right-wing movement, its 'social' activity amounts to incitement against leftists and marking 'traitors from the inside'.

In response, Im Tirtzu released the following statement: As the largest Zionist organization in Israel and the most active student movement on campuses in the country, we call on all students who want to continue to realize the Zionist vision and promote the values of Zionism in the 21st century as well, to join the activities of Im Tirtzu. Now, students can volunteer and help the people of Israel and their future and receive two academic credits. This is good news for Zionist students everywhere.

In 2010, the group sued five left-wing activists for slander over a Facebook group named "If you want a fascist movement, there's one already." After three years in court, a Jerusalem district Judge threw out a large portion of the claims, explaining that the movement does indeed bear similarities to fascism. However, a few years later the Supreme Court dismissed the Jerusalem court's ruling in favor of Im Tirtzu.

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Hebrew University will give credit for 'right-wing activism' - The Jerusalem Post

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