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Posted By on May 9, 2019

As a Jew and according to my torah Israel shouldn't even exist, it's against our beliefs, but then again Zionists who are actually atheists by the way, forced themselves on us, and are brainwashing jews especially the children in justifying the horrid actions and the greedy Apartheid government that made it it's policy to make the Palestinians evacuate their ancestrious land,

I'm a Lebanese Jew, keep in mind that almost every country in the Arab world has Jews living there and they refuse to make Israel their homeland because they know that it's a against our beliefs,

So the Zionists that tell you that only the Neturei Karta is the only anti-Zionist group in existence they are trying to mislead you into thinking that, the truth is there are Jewish groups all over the world that are anti- Zionists and here's the list:

International Jews for el Al-Awda Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions Jewish International Solidarity Movement. Neturi Karta international Torah Jews against Zionism Europe [Norway Boycott Israel Sweden Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace United Kingdom Jewish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Middle East Israel Adalah B'Tselem Breaking the Silence Gush Shalom Hamoked New Profile Peace Now Rabbis for Human Rights Yesh Din Women Bat Shalom Coalition of Women for a Just Peace Machsom Watch Women in Black Anarchist Anarchists Against the Wall Black Laundry Binational - Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation Ta'ayush Combatants_for_Peace North America Canada Canadian Jews for Al-Awda Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians Canada Palestine Support Network Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Sumoud Political Prisoner Solidarity Group Wall Must Fall Campaign United States American Jews for Al-Awda Brit Tzedek v'Shalom ICAHD-USA Jewish Voice for Peace New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine Palestine and Jewish Solidarity Movement The Washington Report American task Force on Palestine New York Al-Awda Jews of New York Jews Against the Occupation California Free Gaza project South America Brazil Comit Brasileiro de Interese Nacional Palestino Oceania Australia Jewish Australians for Palestine Melbourne Australians for Palestine Melbourne Palestine Jewish Solidarity Network Jewish Women for Palestine New Zealand Auckland University of Auckland Students for Justice in Palestine Wellington Aotearoa Jews for Justice Wellington Jewish Palestine Group

The list does not including Jews from Iran or the Arab countries. These are the Jewish based or supportive groups. Do you want to know how many non-Jewish groups support Palestine?

I'm a lebanese Jew

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