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Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has long been viewed as a hate group on college campuses which isnt to promote education about Palestinians, but make the campus environment hostile for Israel supporters, assummed upby Aviva Slomich, international campus director for CAMERA.

On March 14, 2022, Tufts Universitys SJP chapter posted an opinion piece in the student run paper, Tufts Observer, called Justice Through BDS. The article promoted the familiar anti-Zionist propaganda, mislabeling Israel as a creature of European settler colonialism that runs an apartheid regime. It referred to Israel with a lowercase i to insult the Jewish State, and advocated for violence in its statement SJP supports the full range of Palestinian resistance against settler-colonialism.

The call for violence should get the group kicked off campus, but that is unlikely to happen unless and until Tufts alumni and student body demand action from the university (president Anthony P. Monacos office number is 617-627-3300).

In the same article promoting violence against Israel, SJP noted the good work that J Street has been doing in the Jewish community:

SJP specifically called out its appreciation for the lobbying and anti-Israel propaganda disseminated by J Street, but the hate group still could not embrace its colleagues, as the left-wing Jewish group still has a stated platform that Israel should exist in some form. SJP has therefore called for J Street to be included in its broad boycott.

SJP and J Street U have stood as allies on different college campuses, such as in February 2019, when both groupsblasted the University of Vermonts Jewish Hillelfor accepting money from the pro-Israel group Maccabee Task Force. The SJP-J Street allyship has built bridges to encourage more Jews to despise Israel, but not for Israel haters to embrace coexistence with the Jewish State.

When a virulently anti-Israel hate group like SJP praises J Street, a group that claims to be pro-Israel, it may finally dawn on the pro-Zionist community that the Jewish left-wing group is a dangerous gateway organization to destroy the Jewish State from within.

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Students For Justice In Palestine: J Street Is The Gateway For Jewish Anti-Zionists - The Jewish Press -

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