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Posted By on September 23, 2020

HaKatan: The Zionists were members of an organization that was started in Europe in the 1897 and ended in 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel. The organizations stated purpose was to the create a homeland of the Jews. With the creation of the state, the purpose of the organization became moot.

Many people who were members of this Zionist organization went on to take ruling positions in the state of Israel but most of them are now dead. There are some people, born after Zionism ended in 1948, who subscribe to the same values of this now defunct organization but they are very few in number.

In fact, the values of the Zionists are now widely accepted, in Israel, as corrupt and disgusting. As proof, take a look at how the Israeli public views the one person who, to this day, proudly continues to proclaim these values as truths: Professor Amir Chetzroni. He is a pariah.

Those people in power in Israel today are made up of a wide variety of Jews and non-Jews, most of them do not hold any of the same values as that organization that was established in 1897. And, despite the horrible things the Zionists envisioned for Israel, it is trending in the right direction, not only economically and socially but also religiously. The Zionists had their plans but ultimately, Hashem laughed.

Like Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier who was not told that World War 2 ended until 1974, some people never got the memo that the war against Zionism is over. We won. You can put down your weapon and instead roll up your sleeves and help the rest of us continue to make the State of Israel what Hashem wants it to be.

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