The Peace FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Peace

Posted By on September 23, 2015

Peace is one of those things everyone says they want, but can't seem to find. Some claim that only they are for it and that others are against it, although those against it would probably disagree. So if everyone really wants it, then what's the problem, right?

This FAQ explores peace, specifically with an eye toward solutions of the Arab-Jewish, Muslim-Hindu, and related conflicts that plague the free world. But for peace to be enduring, it must not be based on any one person's view of their ideal world. Rather, solutions must be based on facts, not fantasy - history, not propaganda.

Start with a topic in the menu above, from a section or letter below, or enter a search term in the search box and press your 'enter' key. Each topic is full of quotes, information, book references, as well as internal and external hyper-links, which will guide you to an understanding of peace, not based on somebody's vision, but based on facts, historical lessons, and on underlying principles of human nature. You may be the one who finds the solutions. Good luck. Peace.

NEWS: The Peace FAQ now contains the largest topical Book Reference of it's type in the WORLD!!! Each section includes relevant book recommendations, including book cover photos and a full list at the bottoms of each section. See our master Book List for a single list of all the books we recommend.

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The Peace FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Peace

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