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TEHRAN- On January 2, 2020, the U.S. committed an atrocity, one of countless it has committed, but this specific atrocity was different. On January 2, 2020, the U.S. Empire signed its death certificate with the murder of the Commander of the Hearts, Hajj Qassem Soleimani.

Following this unforgivable crime, all the free people of the world began a cry in unison for Severe Revenge against the U.S. regime and all those who were party to this crime. The first to make this call was the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei in his message following the murder of Hajj Qassem.

The secretary-general of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in his speech dated January 5, 2020, said in no uncertain terms that the U.S. has a choice to leave the region, either vertically or horizontally; but their leaving the region is a certainty, just its manner is a choice.

In fact, in interviews given before the atrocities on January 2, 2020, the various leaders of the Islamic Resistance had said that the U.S. will be compelled to leave the region; and like it has left other regions, it will do so humiliated.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that the U.S. has a choice to leave the region, either vertically or horizontallyAt the start of the 21st Century, the U.S. regime, along with its vassals (such as the UK, France, Australia, and others), made a move to again colonise the West Asia region. A pretext was created to start a series of invasions and occupations, following which, the U.S. (with its allies), decided to invade Afghanistan and Iraq (of course, the reason for the invasion was supposedly a combination of weapons of mass destruction; which have never been found, as well as removing a terrorist regime; which has now been handed Afghanistan, but more on that later).

Before the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, while both countries had problems and oppressive governments, what the U.S. brought (dressed up as democracy) was significantly worse. The U.S. created the circumstances for the manufacture of the DAESH cult, with huge funding from U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other such oil fields and shopping malls with flags. This is a matter of public record and not a conspiracy theory.

Following these invasions and occupations; the U.S. proceeded to commit heinous crimes against the people of these countries; torture, mass murder (under the guise of fighting terror), arbitrary arrests and so on. Crimes that, interestingly, are the same crimes that the Zionist entity occupying Palestine has been committing since its manufacture more than 70 years ago.

The U.S. was then surprised when there was resistance to its occupation. The U.S. then, as mentioned earlier, manufactured its terrorist groups; in a manner that appeared to be organic; and unleashed them, initially upon Syria, but then on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Naturally, there was a real, not manufactured, resistance that came about following the insertion of DAESH into Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. A resistance that was led by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and more specifically, under the instructions of Imam Khamenei, by Hajj Qassem Soleimani.

Hajj Qassem united multiple tribes and peoples. He was pivotal in the creation of the PMU forces that have protected and continue to protect Iraq, as well as his advice and guidance, strategic support and more to Syria and Hizbullah in defeating the U.S. project of DAESH.

Let us be very clear about one important fact. While the U.S. media constantly screams that it has defeated DAESH; this is purely for public consumption and is little more than a lie. To suggest that the U.S. defeated DAESH; would be to suggest that the U.S. decided to amputate its right hand, then put some sauce on it, barbeque it and eat it for breakfast! It is a ludicrous and ignorant claim, but one that the West continues to make.

But moving on from that; the West and the Western media are famous for their lies; and if we were to discuss that, this paper would become excessively lengthy, and remain incomplete!Onwards to today.

Following the murder of Hajj Qassem, following the Day of Allah (Yawm Allah) of January 2, 2020; the movement gained a new impetus; to ensure that the U.S. regime and its minions leave the region. Such a departure by the U.S. will ensure that the tumour that the British injected, and that the Americans nurtured (and continues to nurture) in the West Asia region; nay the world; the Zionist entity occupying Palestine, is removed and the land of Palestine is liberated.

Liberated and free for all the Jews, Christians and Muslims of the world to visit, honor and worship in. Free such that every Palestinian who has been exiled illegally by the Zionist project can return, and claim every grain of sand stolen from them. This is a reality that is going to happen; there is no doubt in this.

We saw the start of this movement in 1979, when the great supporter of the Zionist entity, the now dead, Shah of Iran, was evicted from his Peacock Throne by the heroic people of Iran, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini; another phase of this was in 1988; when the Islamic Republic of Iran stood firm and refused capitulation in the face of the eight-year imposed war; known as the Sacred Defence. It was furthered in 2000 when the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon evicted the Zionists from the South of Lebanon. An eviction wherein the Zionists placed their tail firmly between their legs, and in the dark of night ran away, declaring that Lebanon had become a hell for them.

The pace then gathered; as the Empire began to further its games and make the invasions that I have mentioned earlier; in 2006, another adventure by the Zionists against Lebanon was thwarted; and the defeat of the US-Zionist Axis was repeated. A defeat so profound, that to this day, the Zionist tremble at the mere thought of looking in the direction of Lebanon (though they try to maintain a faade of bravado using their media. However, let it be understood saying something, and it being a reality, are not synonymous).

Onto 2021, less than 20 years after it invaded and occupied Afghanistan under manufactured pretences; the U.S. was forced to leave, just like the Zionists; tail between its legs. What is more interesting is that the U.S. didnt care for those who it had corrupted in Afghanistan to help in its occupation; it abandoned them. An important lesson and example to those who choose to ally themselves with illegal occupiers.In todays world, the U.S. is less and less relevant; as we see the Islamic Republic of Iran, the most sanctioned country in history, still standing tall, and being able to break any sanctions, by sending support and aid, oil and medicines, to both Venezuela and more recently, to Lebanon, by way of Syria; another monumental event that renders U.S. sanctions completely impotent.

The U.S. sanctions only have value; if the U.S. is considered an entity of trust, of credibility; a notion that is rapidly fading; the U.S. is a universally despised entity; its regime is known as being unreliable; even by its allies. The recent move to side-line France in supplying submarines to Australia is an important example of this.

The U.S. media is known to be operated and populated by pathological liars, who portray fiction as fact, and fact as fiction; and much more besides.

As the U.S. fades into irrelevance, we can see the world moving to a true and fairer order; one where the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the Resistance Axis, are front and centre.

The U.S. can make all the claims it wants; its paid liars from the mainstream media, can say what they want, their platforms can block all that they want; the reality is that the game is up; the Truth is unstoppable; and as we say in an important supplication, recited every morning, as well as in the Holy Quran: Is not the dawn very close (Surah Hud (11), Verse 81) and They see it as far, but we know it as near (Surah al-Maarij (70), Verses 6-7).

And from Him alone is all ability and He has authority over all things.

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