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Posted By on May 1, 2020

Joseph, you should honor Israeli soldiers, whether they are Jewish or not, because they protect millions of Jewish lives. As a Jew, you are required to be concerned about the safety of any center of Jewish population, and especially one that now has close to half the Jews in the world. Zionism has nothing to do with this.

And those who died on that job surely have a special place in the Next World, just like chassidei umos haolam, even if they didnt keep the 7 mitzvos.

See the Gemara in Avoda Zara about yesh koneh olamo beshaah achas; it gives three examples, two of whom were nochrim, and especially the one who gained his olam haba by sacrificing his life to avert a decree against the Jews, and then circumcised himself on the way to his execution out of a desire to bind himself to the Jewish nation. Gentile soldiers who fell in IDF service surely have a similar din.

And of course the vast majority of the IDF fallen, who were Jews, deserve your greatest honor without question. They are kulam kedoshim, because of the Jewish lives they saved with their sacrifice.

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Time to remember the soldiers - Yeshiva World News

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