Turkey’s CHP has adopted some sort of Baathist policy, a ‘Zionist’ privilege! Attacks didn’t take long to start after they won the mayoral elections….

Posted By on November 22, 2019

They havent changed.

They never will.

They are today as they were decades ago.

The world has stopped turning for them. Theyre going round in circles. They are not done with their lies, petty plans and brawls.

They have never made peace and will never make peace with the people of this country, its past and future.

They have not one ounce of mercy that the Turkish people have toward those they are up against; they do not deem them worthy of this mercy.

Reactionary, shameless, vulgar

This is all because they represent Turkeys foreign side.

They have never cared about the current state of the world, what countries have achieved. They used the term reactionary for years, as justification for their oppression. As Turkeys most reactive, shameless and vulgar minds, they were cemented on one view.

They reduced Turkeys founding father, Mustafa Kemal Atatrk, to a way out, an element of exploitation. They used him to veil their evils and turned him into a means to build conflict among the people.

Teach this woman a lesson: is that so? They publicly strike women wearing the hijab!

Engin zko, who is the deputy president of Turkeys main opposition, the Republican Peoples Party (CHP), attacking ruling Justice and Development Partys (AK Party) Group Deputy President zlem Zengin, exclaiming, Teach this woman a lesson! gave rise to a painful showdown for Turkey.

This attack had taken place during a time when certain groups attempted to reopen old wounds, made calls for a coup, said You are going to wish the Gezi Park events were back, started beating women wearing the hijab on the streets, cornered people on the subway and abused them, collected old footage and systematically broadcasted them, prepared social psychology for a terrifying scenario, and drove shameless herds to flood the streets.

Former PM Ecevit had done the same

zkos attack is certainly not personal and in no way an impulsive, momentary reaction. This is only one of the local attacks that was signaled by Fetullah Glen, the biggest traitor in our political history, who said, They are going to regret that they didn't die.

We all know the origin of former Prime Minister Blent Ecevits provocative statement, Teach this woman a lesson, signaling to have Merve Kavak, deputy for the Felicity Party (FP) which was founded in place of the Welfare Party (RP) that was dissolved on Feb. 28, and the kind of coup process it was the product of.

What are you preparing for? A new coup attack? Or something even worse?

The price this country had to pay after the Feb.28 intervention is still quite vivid in our memories. We saw generals who reported to Israel. We saw those who turned the political power that built this vast country, that has been shaping the region on these soils for a millennium, into a political apparatus for a country like Israel.

What are you preparing for now? Another July 15 attack? Something even worse?

An extremely systematic program that has been finely woven together is being applied step by step. They are working on a plan targeting Turkey in a bid to collapse it, divide it, and break out an exacerbated conflict that is more destructive and exhausting than terrorist organizations to apply on social psychology.

A new method to promote animosity, evil. This is a finely tuned project

This is not a political party stance, view or policy. It is not an issue relating to the CHP, internal policy, or Atatrk. Furthermore, it is not a political approach or identity.

It is a more extensive, expansive foreign project in which all identities, symbols and sacred elements are used as a means to an end.

It is a new way to promote the hatred and evil they are subconsciously harboring. It is a fiction based on this evil. This is some sort of a new intervention project, and a fine-tuned, persistent form of processing in front of our very eyes.

This country, this nation, this state is not your spoil

The U.S. attacks Turkey and the opposition sides with the U.S. Europe pressures Turkey and they stand by Europe. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fights against Turkey and they both covertly and overtly lend their support to the PKK. The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FET) breaks out a civil war and leads an invasion and they stand by its side.

They never stood by Turkey. They never supported Turkeys fights or struggles. They never shared Turkeys grievances. They were never proud of its accomplishments.

This is simply because their problem was not Turkey. According to them, the country, nation and state are all property, goods, commodities. It was something to take over and never be shared. This is why all their fights have been against our people.

Some sort of Turkey Baathism,a sort of Zion privilege, shamelessness, unruliness

They have been equipped with a sort of shamelessness, unruliness, some sort of Turkey Baathism, a sort of Zion privilege.

They fight against Islam. They fight against Turkism. They fight against Anatolia. They are never united with the region. They fight against our countrys history, values and symbols. They are against anyone who is devoted and loyal to Anatolia.

Those devotees are today shaking the world, gaining presence in the farthest corners of the earth, trading, helping, winning peoples hearts, changing Turkey, gaining strength and power for it, preserving its heritage, making technological revolutions along with systematical ones, all the while bringing to these lands what they are incapable of even imagining.

Theres no more CHP, no more founding party; Atatrks party no longer exists

The people of Anatolia are carrying this countrys millennium-old history to the present. They are building up a spectacular march towards the future. This is what they are trying to stop. In whose name, on behalf of which power? Who would fear Turkeys growth, who would want to stop this country?

They are acting in cooperation with them. They are behaving like a native invader front, hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart with those attacking, sieging and cornering us from abroad.

There is no CHP, no founding party. Atatrks party no longer exists. There is no Turkey party either. There is a political circle that has shifted outside the Turkey axis, whose identity we are unable to determine, which acts entirely based on threats and animosity. There is a strange organization that sacrifices even Atatrk for their satanic rituals.

Let it be known, we will never again bow down!

But let it be known, despite everything they do, we will never again bow down. We are never going to do this. You all saw what happened to those who wanted to teach Turkey a lesson.

This is why we say that the CHP has become a national security problem. This is why all anti-Turkey organizations and groups gather under that umbrella.

Attacks didnt take long to start after they won the mayoral elections in a few cities. If its a fight you want, you have it

As soon as they won the mayoral elections of a few municipalities, it did not take long for attacks to follow. They started making calls for a coup. They started to terrorize the streets. They went back to February 28. They went back to the time they hanged the countrys former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. They activated their blood thirst for revenge. They started attacking the countrys integrity, its welfare and values.

While one clowns around grinning from ear to ear, telling lies to the people as he carries on with other plans behind the curtains, one hides their secret cooperation with grand statements, and others reveal covert plans by putting their foot in their mouth.

We had thought the fighting era was over in Turkey. Yet, we saw once more that this fight will not end unless tutelage ends. If it is a fight you want, you will have it.

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Turkey's CHP has adopted some sort of Baathist policy, a 'Zionist' privilege! Attacks didn't take long to start after they won the mayoral elections....

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