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Posted By on June 9, 2020

Winston Churchill is considered as a celebrated statesman and a hero of the free world.

Churchill, the UK's wartime prime minister, saved his country and the world from a Nazi invasion.

However, to the outside world, he was hardly better than Hitler, and the West regarded him as a fierce imperialist.

Churchill's racism is well-documented and he once even wrote, "I hate Indians".

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"They are a beastly people with a beastly religion," he had said.

Not just his words, his actions too are a testimony of his racial mindset.

In 1943, Churchill engineered the Bengal famine, where wheat was exported from India for allied troops as Indians went to bed hungry.

He stopped all food supplies to India and was a major reason why four million people starved to death in Bengal in the same year.

"It's (Indians) their own fault...for breeding like rabbits," Churchill had said.

He was also a supporter of gas bombs and during the Arab Uprising in 1920, he lamented the 'squeamishness' of his colleagues who were not in favour of using poisoned gas against the so-called "uncivilised tribes".

In the same year, Churchill sentthe blacks and tans into Ireland who weretasked with terrorising the Irish rebellion.

In 1949, Churchill also ordered the British Army to fire on the anti-Nazi protesters in Greece and also facilitated Zionism in Palestine.

"Palestinians were 'barbaric hordes' who are little but rabbit dung," he wrote.

"A stronger race, a high-grade race, a more worldly-wise race has come in and taken their place."

Churchill also planted the seed in South Africa to strip black communities from their voting rights.

Despite all of this, Britain is blinded by its excessive admiration of Churchill, who is also a hero of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Former PM David Cameron believes that Churchill saved "humanity as a whole".

The truth is Winston Churchill was a racist and his prejudice has caused millions of deaths.

Churchill thought that the British were "winners in a social Darwinian hierarchy". This thought is out-of-date, just like imperialism and like racism, which is another legacy of the British, needs to die.

As does the lionisation of Churchill.

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Was `icon of the free world` Winston Churchill a racist? - WION

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