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What is Zionism and who are the Zionists?

The concept of Zionism holds a vital place in the Israel-Palestineconict. Often characterized as Nationalist Zionism, Religious Zionism and Political Zionism this is an ideolog! that supports the demand of "e#s to return to their $historical homeland% called Zion #hich is de&ned as the 'and of Israel. (ccording to the prominent "e#ish &gures, Zionism is a movement, )oth religious and political, #here)! a socialistic model state for "e#sis to )e esta)lished on the land of Palestine.The religious roots if Zionism can )e found in "udaism #hile it #as developed in a political movement )! *oses +ess, a mentor of arl *ar in socialism. In his )oo, Rome and "erusalem, pu)lished in /012, he laid do#n the foundations for Zionism. +o#ever, Theodor +ertzl is considered the o3cial founder of this socialist ideolog! #ho gave an even more practical plan for the colonization of Palestine in his )oo,

The Jewish State

pu)lished in /041. +e stated +ess5s )oo as a source for ever!thing one needs to no# a)out Zionism. (ccording to him $race, people and nation all merge in Zionism to create socialism.%( crucial role in colonization #as pla!ed )! 6astern 6uropean *arist "e#s #ho #ere led )! Israel5s founding father, 7en 8urion. The socialist i))utzim stated that onl! "e#s could )ecome the mem)ers and so it led to the Na)a catacl!sm, paving #a! to the theft of the land and ethnicall! cleansing of around 9:;,;;; Palestinians o< their land. These Palestinians and their ne# generations still live in eile and are denied return )! the =N. In the =>, Zionism )ecame a ma?or force afterthe si-da! #ar mainl! through their inuence on the media and &lm industr!, as #ell as )aning and the academic sphere.

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What is Zionism and Who Are the Zionists | Zionism | Israel

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