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The only power they hold above us is the power to conduct an unjust media trial, a witch hunt, where the Zionist lobby and their supporters are the judge, jury, and executioner.

Last Friday, a special committee was gathered in the US Congress. Present were Zionist parliamentarians, assembled from all the Anglosphere, including the Zionist colony. They had called-in executives from Twitter, Youtube, Meta, and TikTok to testify and explain how two accounts were still able to disparage the Zionist colony; the account of Irans leader Ayatollah Khamenei, and the account of yours truly, Laith Marouf (check 1:07:00 & 2:11:00 on video).

Within hours of this congressional hearing, which saw the presence of both Irwin Cutler, Canadas government anti-Semitism tzar, and his daughter, former member of Israeli Knesset Michal Cutler-Wunsch, who is the assembled task force co-chair, I was erased from virtual existence. The task force argued to the social media monopolies, that Zionism, a political ideology, must be given the legal protections of a defensible group. They argued that although Zionism is not a religion, an ethnicity, a race, or a national origin; it should be given the status of an identity amongst defensible groups because many Zionists feel strongly about their urge to enact colonialism, genocide, supremacy, and apartheid.

The Zionists know what they are doing is illegal. It is impossible for them to change the definition of defensible groups enshrined in the domestic constitutions of the Anglosphere, and International charters. Thus, they pressured the social media monopolies to bypass the courts that would normally protect the rights of citizens to criticize political ideologies and states, and imposed the supremacist and exceptionalist interpretation of Zionism as a protected identity. All the executives who testified said their corporations are using the non-binding and nefarious definition of anti-Semitism as proposed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA); which considers rejection of Zionism and the crimes committed in its name as hate. Canadas anti-Semitism tzar, Irwin Cutler, was one of the driving forces behind including the pro-zionist sections in the IHRA definition. Incidentally, Mr. Cultlers wife was also the personal secretary to Israeli terrorist and former PM Menachem Begin.

I am an internationally sought-after Broadcasting Law consultant, specializing in the rights of defensible groups to employment, access, and reflection in the media sectors. The organization I work for, the Community Media Advocacy Centre, intervenes at and consults broadcasting commissions around the world, from South Africa to Mexico, to Canada, on these files. CMAC has been very successful at its work, and that has angered the Zionist lobby as well as their white supremacist masters. In 2021, I began to be stalked and harassed online by Zionists in the broadcasting sector in Canada. These Zionist efforts led to the unjust shutting down of my original account on Twitter. You can read more about this in an article I wrote for Al Mayadeen English at the time.

Last year, after Black Lives Matter and the stories of Indigenous children's mass graves exploded on the world stage, the Ministry of Heritage Canada approached CMAC to help Racialised and Indigenous media workers, academics and their communities map out an anti-racism strategy for the broadcasting sectors. CMAC was asked to apply within four days of contact, and there were no funding packages that were open for us to apply to. Heritage Canada threw the money at us to solve their image problems; there was no process, that is how desperate they were.

As soon as the events were announced, Zionists were reeling with anger. Four weeks ago, they launched a campaign to condemn me as an anti-Semite, and by extension tar CMAC, and pressure the government to cancel their contract with the not-for-profit. They succeeded in having CMACs contract canceled, and now they are going for more blood. Today, the Zionist lobby wants to have the Prime Minister of this Colony police the tone of my speech on a social media platform; one that is wholly owned by the Saud Family and their Zionist bedfellows. Across Canadian mainstream media, I was condemned by Prime Minister Trudeau, he smeared me and falsely claimed my tweets are hate speech, xenophobic and anti-Jewish; he called me vile.

Prime Minister Trudeaus false accusations against me fall under Hate Propaganda in the Criminal Code. It is a charge worth 2 years of jail time; there is even a section there for anti-Jewish speech; misnamed as anti-Semitism. Yet the Zionist lobby has no intention to take this to court, for if they lose this battle; they will never again be able to use the colonial media to defame, libel, misrepresent and ostracize anyone who defends Palestinian liberation. The only power they hold above us is the power to conduct an unjust media trial, a witch hunt, where the Zionist lobby and their supporters are the judge, jury, and executioner.

The Zionist lobby succeeded in forcing Heritage Canada to implement the Zionist-created and weaponized IHRA definition of anti-Jewish hate; one that includes criticism of "Israel". Heritage Canada will now require organizations it funds, including Indigenous organizations, as well as media, culture and arts initiatives, to subscribe to a supremacist political ideology and swear allegiance to a foreign apartheid colony, before they can receive any funding. Similarly, Twitter erased my account under direct order from state representatives and used the same flawed definitions. These loyalty oaths were previously implemented in the USA, and have lost at every court challenge. The Zionists know these loyalty oaths are a lost cause legally, but they will not be deterred without us fighting back.

And for that reason, I ask you to support unfiltered, uncensored voices in Canada and take a stand against Zionist silencing and defamation campaigns by donating to our Legal Defense Fund. Your donation will fund the fight against the implementation of the IHRA at Heritage Canada and Twitter. You can find links to donate, and more information about this campaign on my website: laithmarouf.com

Please donate generously and let us make sure this is the last time Zionists can use the media to defame supporters of Palestinian liberation.

Watch the statement by Laith Marouf and a panel of experts on the Right to Offend Colonizers and Collaborators here:

Laith Marouf and the Right to Offend Colonizers and Collaborators: A Panel Discussion

- Laith Marouf is an award-winning radio and television producer, an international expert on the media rights of Indigenous, Racialized and disability communities, and a sought-after political analyst of West Asia and North Africa affairs.- Mr. Marouf has been the subject of a Zionist-organized harassment campaign spreading misinformation against him, and brazenly libeling and defaming his character. You can read about his first ban on Twitter in 2021, after a cyber-stalking and harassment campaign by a self-declared Zionist, right here.- Many participated in a character assassination campaign and were encouraged by complacent colonial media.- For background and further information: http://www.laithmarouf.com

Deer, William Ging Wee Dere (2022, August 28). Ottawa cancels funding for anti-racist conferences under pressure from Zionist lobby. Canada Files. URL: https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articles/ottawa-cancels-funding-for-anti-racist-conferences-under-pressure-from-zionist-lobby

Mastracci, Davide (2022, September 6). Laith Marouf, The Israel Lobby and Anti-Racism Funding. Passage. URL: https://readpassage.com/laith-marouf-the-israel-lobby-and-anti-racism-funding/


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