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Posted By on December 18, 2019

When writing the history of the 20th century with the intention that the major and dramatic events of the century should be historically correctly described, one quickly comes to a result that differs significantly from the dominant and agenda-driven history writing that, among other things, characterizes what is being taught on the subject in school.

They Created a Bloody 20th Century is a solid and reshaping historical document that reveals, with the powerful source material, the driving forces and actors behind the greatest and bloodiest disasters of our time.

After reading Hans Myrebros book, one quickly realizes that the historical writing we have received through school, higher education and media, is largely a distortion.

Pia Hellertz, Fil.dr.

This book is a fantastic source of knowledge, elaborated with a simple and pedagogical narrative. The book has an obvious place in history teaching not only in high school but also at the university level.

Lasse Wilhelmsson, Author, Writer.

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ZIONISM: They Created A Bloody 20th Century - Veterans News Report

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