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00:02:18 1 Terminology00:03:17 2 Overview00:07:45 3 Beliefs00:10:43 4 History00:18:39 4.1 Territories considered00:21:42 4.2 Balfour Declaration and the Palestine Mandate00:25:10 4.3 Rise of Hitler00:28:14 4.4 Post-WWII00:32:40 5 Types00:34:45 5.1 Labour Zionism00:37:01 5.2 Liberal Zionism00:39:44 5.3 Revisionist Zionism00:41:44 5.4 Religious Zionism00:42:32 5.5 Green Zionism00:42:52 5.6 Post-Zionism00:43:26 6 Non-Jewish support00:44:44 6.1 Christian Zionism00:47:58 6.2 Muslim Zionism00:50:15 6.3 Hindu support for Zionism00:51:34 7 Anti-Zionism00:53:28 7.1 Catholic Church and Zionism00:56:29 7.2 Characterization as colonialism or ethnic cleansing01:01:26 7.3 Characterization as racist01:06:05 7.4 Haredi Judaism and Zionism01:11:05 7.5 Anti-Zionism or antisemitism01:17:34 8 Marcus Garvey and Black Zionism01:18:42 9 See also

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SUMMARY=======Zionism (Hebrew: Tsiyyonut [tsijonut] after Zion) is the national movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel (roughly corresponding to Canaan, the Holy Land, or the region of Palestine). Modern Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in Central and Eastern Europe as a national revival movement, both in reaction to newer waves of antisemitism and as an imitative response to other nationalist movements. Soon after this, most leaders of the movement associated the main goal with creating the desired state in Palestine, then an area controlled by the Ottoman Empire.Until 1948, the primary goals of Zionism were the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, ingathering of the exiles, and liberation of Jews from the antisemitic discrimination and persecution that they experienced during their diaspora. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Zionism continues primarily to advocate on behalf of Israel and to address threats to its continued existence and security.A religious variety of Zionism supports Jews upholding their Jewish identity defined as adherence to religious Judaism, opposes the assimilation of Jews into other societies, and has advocated the return of Jews to Israel as a means for Jews to be a majority nation in their own state. A variety of Zionism, called cultural Zionism, founded and represented most prominently by Ahad Ha'am, fostered a secular vision of a Jewish "spiritual center" in Israel. Unlike Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, Ahad Ha'am strived for Israel to be "a Jewish state and not merely a state of Jews".Advocates of Zionism view it as a national liberation movement for the repatriation of a persecuted people residing as minorities in a variety of nations to their ancestral homeland. Critics of Zionism view it as a colonialist, racist and exceptionalist ideology that led advocates to violence during Mandatory Palestine, followed by the exodus of Palestinians, and the subsequent denial of their right to return to property lost during the 1948 war.

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