Zoe Strimpel: ‘Starmer has still to win over Jews’ – Telegraph.co.uk

Posted By on April 11, 2020

Labour has finally elected a new leader, replacing Jeremy Corbyn at long long last with a feasible, even a formidable Opposition leader in Keir Starmer. The mere fact that Corbyn is finally out should be cause for enthusiastic fist-pumping and cheering. It would be if any of us could find the emotional energy for anything not strictly Covid-19-related.

Even so, one could not but take an interest in his first key moves and gestures as leader, especially in relation to the anti-Semitism that swamped the party under Corbyn.

To Jews like meand indeed to all decent folk who found ourselves sickened by Corbynite Labours approach to the problem, Starmers promises on this are of acute interest. So far so good. Hes making the right noises, with hearty apologies to the leaders of the Jewish community, and vows to take a swift and firm hand in rooting anti-Jewish vitriol out, no ifs and buts.

He will deal with offenders robustly and swiftly. Starmers own wife has Jewish ancestry and she has family in Tel Aviv. All rather promising.

But I for one am not going to buy a single one of his promises to root out anti-Semitism in Labour until I see evidence he understands their source: lunatic and unabiding hatred of Israel. He can make all the noises he likes about how terrible anti-Semitism is Corbyn said the same but the problem recurred and recurred because of the partys fixation with the Palestinian cause.

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Zoe Strimpel: 'Starmer has still to win over Jews' - Telegraph.co.uk

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