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Tish (Hasidic celebration) – Wikipedia

| March 27, 2018

A tish (Yiddish: , pl.

Hasidic Jews cheer as they cover up TV screen showing in …

| March 27, 2018

A group of Hasidic Jews cheered as one of their group covered up a screen showing ‘Music and Lyrics’ onboard a flight.

Rabbi Mordechai Hager, Leader of Large Hasidic Sect, Dies …

| March 17, 2018

Like most Hasidim, he believed Israel should have never been created as a state until the arrival of the Messiah.

Amber Tamblyn Criticized For Complaint About Hasidic Jews …

| March 9, 2018

Actress Amber Tamblyn faces backlash after Tweeting that Hasidic Jews in New York City are targeting her. The former Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star wrote Sunday that a Hasidic man in a van attempted to hit her in Brooklyn as she pushed her baby in a stroller. But it was her follow-up post that sparked the controversy.Tamblyn wrote that this is not the first time a man from the Hasidic community in NYC has attempted to harm me or other women I know

Actress Amber Tamblyn Goes to War Against Hasidic Men

| March 9, 2018

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV via Flickr Actress, author, poet, and film director Amber Tamblyn (The Ring, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Blackout) on Sunday launched a brief Twitter campaign against Williamsburg Hasidic Jews.

Hasidic Movement Bans EMT Volunteering on Penalty of …

| March 9, 2018

Photo Credit: Courtesy United Hatzalah The Gur Hasidic movement in recent days has issued a decree that any member who volunteers in EMT services or the police would be barred from sending his children to Gur institutions, Kikar Hashabbat reported Tuesday, noting the decision followed a feverish discussion. According to sources in Gur, this prohibition is directed mainly at young yeshiva students under the age of 30, who have been joining Hatzalah, MDA, and auxiliary police in large numbers, apparently without the approval of the movements spiritual leadership. Parents who are members of Gur will be asked in the coming days to sign a commitment form declaring that they are not volunteers in any of the above organizations, and that if they are found to be serving their local communities in such manner, they would be expelled from the movement.

Amber Tamblyn under fire for blasting Hasidic Jews on Twitter

| March 7, 2018

Amber Tamblyn claims a Hasidic man almost ran her over in Brooklyn on Sunday while she was pushing her baby in a stroller and now people are blasting her on Twitter after she chastised men within the Jewish faith and accused them of targeting women. This is not the first time a man from the Hasidic community in NYC has attempted to harm me or other women I know, the actress tweeted. Any woman riding a bike through South Williamsburg can attest, she said.

Amber Tamblyn slammed for tweet saying Hasidic men attempted …

| March 6, 2018

Amber Tamblyn was blasted on social media for tweeting Hasidic men have tried to harm her and other women she knew after she and her baby were almost hit by a van. (Reuters) Actress Amber Tamblyn was slammed on social media for tweeting that Hasidic Jewish men in New York attempted to harm her after she claimed she and her baby were almost hit by a van in Brooklyn, NY, on Sunday. Tamblyn tweeted asking for the publics help to track the driver, she described as a Hasidic man, after she and her infant child were almost hit

Hasidic Woman Changed My Life In Hospital Waiting Room The …

| March 6, 2018

My dad always says that his most valuable possession is his relationships. Human-to-human connections make life worth living

The Hasidic Women Why They Wear Wigs

| February 28, 2018

Click to Enlarge Hasidic women wear clothing that is according to the principles of dress modesty in Jewish law.

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