Democrat Rep Delivers Surprise Shellacking of Rashida …

Posted By on October 22, 2021

While Democrat infighting has been a common occurrence since the beginning of the Biden administration, there have still been areas that have seemed to be off-limits. One of those is going after members of the squad, specifically those who are rabidly anti-Semitic. So while youd get some denunciations of anti-Semitic things Ilhan Omar said, for example, those denunciations from her colleagues were always couched in weasel language that never truly got to the point.

Perhaps thats changing? As RedState reported earlier, the lunatics came out to play during the vote on funding for Israels Iron Dome, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez breaking down into tears. But Rashida Tlaibs speech was easily the most disgusting response. Here it is as a primer.

As I explained in my prior piece, Tlaibs position is basically that Hamas should have the ability to kill Israeli children because it would provide leverage for the Palestinians to extract concessions from the Jewish nation. To not allow Palestinians to murder Israelis perpetuates war crimes in her mind. Its an insane way to think, but its hardly novel when dealing with the anti-Semites who populate the US Congress.

Tlaib also called Israel an apartheid state, and that apparently set off Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida. He pushed aside his original speech and lambasted Tlaib, ending by pointedly accusing her of anti-Semitism. It was an escalation of language we havent seen before from those on left toward members of the squad.

Deutch is right, of course. By no definition is Israel an apartheid state. 20% of its population is Arab, and those Arabs enjoy full rights and privileges, up to and including serving in the Knesset (Isreals Parliament). In fact, the Arab coalition played a role in ousting Benjamin Netanyahu recently. That is not apartheid. Not even close.

Those in the Palestinian territories arent Israeli citizens not because of apartheid, but because those areas are run by literal terrorists overseeing a population that largely wants to murder all Jews. They also lost multiple wars in which they tried to destroy Israel. Even still, Israel has allowed them to inhabit land they had rightfully conquered in self-defense. Tlaib knows this. She knows there is no apartheid. But shes an anti-Semite so she doesnt care.

Good for Deutch for saying the quiet part (at least by Democrat standards) out loud for once. Im sure hell be roundly condemned for doing so grab your popcorn.

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Democrat Rep Delivers Surprise Shellacking of Rashida ...

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