Poland is the land of anti-Semitism

Posted By on January 1, 2022

Anti-Semitism and hatred of the Jews in Poland is thriving despite the country having a Jewish population of only a few thousand.

This growing hatred has culminated last week when far-right nationalist and anti-Semitic groups converged in the city of Kalisz for a mass rally marking Polish independence.

Kalisz is known for a historic charter known as the Statute of Kalisz, issued by Boleslaus the Pious in 1264, granting Jews protection and equal rights.

During the rally, the anti-Semitic protesters tore up that charter in their exhibition of hate.

One after the other, Nazi-like speeches were made by hysterical speakers who accused Poland's ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party, of being the Jewish interest faction, warning that the Jews are taking over the country and demanding their expulsion.

"We will not be the slaves of LGBTQ and the Zionists," they said as the crowd chanted "death to Jews."

All the while police forces stood by listening and doing nothing. Municipal officials were also unresponsive during the four-hour event.

Only after videos appeared on social media platforms, causing outrage in the media, did they claim that the death chants were protected by freedom of speech.

Two demonstrators were eventually fined the equivalent of NIS120 ($39) and just one woman stood in protest of the rally carrying an anti-fascism sign.

Although the event drew condemnation from many in Poland, Law and Order Party founder Jarosaw Kaczyski said nothing. Polish President Andrzej Duda posted a condemnation on Twitter - three days later.

Many party supporters share the views of the demonstrators in that rally and the government's lax enforcement of laws against anti-Semitism, as well as the forgiving attitude of the Polish courts toward such offenses, has allowed anti-Jewish sentiments to thrive.

Daily papers spout anti-Semitic propaganda on a regular basis and similar rallies to the one in Kalisz take place all the time, just away from the media's eyes.

The hatred of Jews in Poland is thriving, despite Holocaust survivors having fled its borders post-1945, and its current minuscule Jewish population.

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Poland is the land of anti-Semitism

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