‘It’s trivializing the lives who so greatly suffered’: Outrage continues after Holocaust imagery used in anti-mandate rally – CTV News Atlantic

Posted By on December 22, 2021

Reaction and outrage continues after a weekend rally in Fredericton, N.B. where some of the participates wore and held the Star of David.

The crowd of a couple hundred were protesting vaccine mandates, and used the symbol to try and make their point.

Much of the rally was live-streamed on social media, and sparked condemnation from politicians and the Jewish community.

Its trivializing the lives who so greatly suffered and those who died under horrific circumstances, said Atlantic Jewish Council past president, Marilyn Kaufman. This use of Holocaust imagery was deeply offensive to me and to other members of the Fredericton Jewish community.

Kaufman had relatives experience the death camp of Auschwitz. She says no one can imagine or compare what that was like.

When one or more individuals use Holocaust distortion of fact or distortion of Holocaust imagery, when that becomes injurious to a segment of the population, it has to be called out, she said. If its allowed to fester, anti-Semitism poisons other facets of society.

Political leaders are also calling out those who participated.

Were talking about symbols that were used to humiliate Jewish people in Nazi occupied Europe and ultimately help round them up and send them to death camps, said Fredericton-South MLA and Green Party leader, David Coon. I mean, this is just unbelievable what they did.

Frederictons Mayor Kate Rogers said in a statement, the use of the symbol was insensitive and unacceptable.

The enemy is COVID-19. For it to be turned into anything else other than that saddens me, said New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard. Anti-Semitism is, well, theres not room for it here.

Fredericton Police stated, While there were no arrests made in relation to the current mandatory order, an investigation into the event is ongoing and charges will be pursued where warranted.

Kaufman is calling on everyone to work together toward an understanding and respect for all mankind.

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'It's trivializing the lives who so greatly suffered': Outrage continues after Holocaust imagery used in anti-mandate rally - CTV News Atlantic

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