Ashkenazi: This is hard for us, for me, the coalition comes with a price – The Jerusalem Post

Posted By on May 1, 2020

MK Gabi Ashkenzai was interviewed on Saturday by Channel 12, regarding the coalition talks leading up to the establishment of the government.

"We wanted to replace the government, but the political results didn't allow for anyone to establish a government," he said. "I am convinced that most of the public wants a unity government. Fourth elections are unthinkable. This thing isn't easy us for us, it's hasn't bfor me, but the coalition comes with a price."

"I understand the disappointment of the public, I understand the break. The Blue and White project was amazing, and it wasn't us who broke it down. We are making the right choice, we compromised. We won't fill all of the positions," he added.

When he was faced with the criticism concerning the size of the future government, he said, "The end of the government will be smaller." He added that there were 30 offices in the government, "of which we'll add one more, and even that one we'll eventually take down. We won't fill of the ministerial positions, it's not coincidental that there's a reduction paragraph in the agreement, but I'll accept the criticism."

He added that he was previously a soldier in the Golani Brigade and doesn't "raise white flags."

"I thought that in previous elections that we need to go to a unity government, and they said that we would win against him in the third elections, and we saw what happened."

"The law today allows the prime minister to stay in his position until the court says otherwise. There are painful compromises, and I still think that it was the right decision for the State of Israel."

Regarding any future plans, he said, "We didn't give up on democratic flags, there are many achievements here. There is no legislation that will not be agreed upon. In the first year we will only deal with the coronavirus. Any consented upon legislation will be done."

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Ashkenazi: This is hard for us, for me, the coalition comes with a price - The Jerusalem Post

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