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Bill Ackerman, Life in childhood and education Ackman was born in Chappaqua, New York, the son of Ronnie I. (ne Posner) and Lawrence David Ackman, the chairman of Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group, a New York real estate financing firm.

He is of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. He graduated from Harvard College in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies. His thesis was titled Scaling the Ivy Wall: The Jewish and Asian American Experience in Harvard Admissions. He graduated from Harvard Business School in 1992 with an MBA in marketing.

His most successful investments have always been contentious, and his first rule of activist investing is to make a big call that nobody believes in, Ackman has stated. Investors, government officials, hedge fund managers, and the general public have both complimented and condemned Ackmans investment strategy.

Citations needed To name a few, he shorted the MBIA bonds during the credit crunch of 20072008, went toe-to-toe with Canadian Pacific Railway over a proxy war, and invested in companies including Target, Valeant, and Chipotle. The citation for this statement is not available.

He maintained a short against Herbalife, which he has said is a pyramid scheme built for multi-level marketing, from 2012 to 2018. The documentary film Betting on Zero documented his attempts.

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Despite a poor performance in 20152018, Ackman announced in January 2018 that he was eliminating personnel, stopping investor visits, and hunkering down in the office to pursue research. Reuters calls his Pershing Square one of the worlds best performing hedge funds for 2019, citing a 58.1% return as evidence.

Carson Block of Muddy Waters Capital and Andrew Left of Citron Research are two short sellers that Ackman has acknowledged he admires.

After marrying landscape architect Karen Ann Herskovitz in 1994 and having three daughters together, Eloise, Lucy, and Liza were born. Apparently, the pair split up on December 22, 2016. He owned a Gulf Stream G550 business jet as of 2013. Neri Oxman proposed to Ackman in 2018. After getting married in January 2019, Oxman and Ackman welcomed their first child together in the spring of 2019.

An American hedge fund manager and philanthropist, Bill Ackman is worth an estimated $2.3 billion. In addition to his other names, William Ackman was the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management LP and is widely recognized for this role (a hedge fund management company).

On May 11, 1966, William Ackman was born. Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group chairman Lawrence David Ackman is his father. He is the son of Ackman-Ziff. In 1988, Bill graduated with honors from Harvard College with a B.A. In 1992, he graduated with honors from Harvard Business School with an MBA under his belt. Bill Ackman and a fellow Harvard graduate launched Gotham Partners in 1992.

Investments in publicly traded companies were made in tiny amounts by Gotham. Pershing Square Capital Management was founded by Ackman in 2004. Wendys was forced to sell its Tim Hortons doughnut brand when Pershing bought a large stake in the fast food chain in 2005. Wendys raised $670 million in 2006 from the initial public offering (IPO) of Tim Hortons, which was spun off from Wendys.

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It was claimed that the sale of Wendys most rapidly expanding subsidiary left the company in a weakened market position after Ackman sold his shares at a big profit. Ackman criticized their new CEO for their dismal performance. Ackmans funds invested in Target Corporation, Borders Group, and others. Christine Richards book Confidence Game chronicles Ackmans battle with the MBIA (Municipal Bond Insurance Association), which began in 1992.

When Bill Ackman founded his first hedge fund at the age of 26, he had just graduated from Harvard. His gut told him he should go ahead and launch the hedge fund, even though he didnt have any expertise in the field. Its a good idea to start such a fund early in life so that you have room to make mistakes. There were problems with Gotham Partners for Bill a few years after he started them. In the meantime, he might start his new business.

Much is expected of those who get a large amount of money or other resources. An example of this is Bill. Pershing Square Foundation was Bills philanthropic arm as his fortune increased. Across the course of its existence, the foundation has distributed more than $100 million to charitable organizations all over the world. One Acre Fund and Bridge Academies are two of his most successful grantees.

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Thousands of people have benefited from the work of these organizations and the education they have provided. Bill Gates giving commitment, in which he pledged to donate half of his wealth to charity, was signed by Bill a few years ago.

For Bill Ackman, the last three years have been a trying time. From nearly $20 billion to less than $7 billion, his hedge fund has shrunk in size. Many of his investors walked away. However, he didnt give up on his dream of becoming a doctor.

Despite the difficulties, he has persevered and successfully turned around his hedge fund. Pershing Square Capital is one of the most successful hedge funds in the world right now, according to Hedge Fund Research. While the S&P 500 has risen by less than 20%, the NASDAQ has risen by over 55%.

n 2018, Ackman paid more than $22 million for an apartment on the Upper East Side in New York. He also owns the $90 million apartment at the billionaire row in New York.

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