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Biryani (South Asia)

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Biryani is a beloved rice dish from South Asia made with layers of meat typically goat or chicken and basmati rice mixed with spices. This recipe for Hyderabadi biryani, a regional variety from Hyderabad, India, is best eaten with some raita, or yogurt chutney, on the side.

For the Hyderabadi Biryani recipe, click here.

Sushi (Japan)

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Cacio e pepe (Italy)

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Scones (England)

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Flan (Portugal, Spain, Latin America)

Bibimbap (Korea)

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Bibimbap is a quintessentially Korean dish. It features a bowl of rice with meat, cooked vegetables and sometimes fried egg. Regional variations exist, with different types of meats, vegetables and spices included, but this recipe calls for beef rib-eye, zucchini, mushrooms, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots and Japanese radish.

For the Korean Bibimbap recipe, click here.

Swedish meatballs (Sweden)

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Although Sweden officially admitted its iconic recipe originated in Turkey, the Scandinavian country made it its own by adding pork and milk. Swedish meatballs, or kttbullar as theyre called at home, are typically served with potatoes and lingonberries, and this recipe includes a veal cream sauce made with a touch of lingonberry jam.

For the Aquavits Swedish Meatballs recipe, click here.

Tagine (Northwest Africa)

Named for the earthenware pot in which it is traditionally cooked, tagine is a stew thats cooked at a slow simmer, typically with meat and sometimes with bits of fruit such as apricots, prunes or raisins. Native to the Maghreb region of Africa, it is found on tables in Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. Add it to your table with this beef tagine recipe.

For the Cinnamon Beef Tagine recipe, click here.

Lobster tikka masala (Scotland)

Although a menu staple of many Indian restaurants, chicken tikka masala is actually a fusion dish with its origins in the United Kingdom. Many restaurants have added their own twists, such as using seafood or lamb instead; try this recipe using lobster meat for an added New England flavor.

For the Lobster Tikka Masala recipe, click here.

Latke (Central and Eastern Europe)

Chicken adobo (Philippines)

Kolach (Czech lands, Slovakia)


A beloved pastry of the Czech and Slovak peoples, kolaches also have a significant presence in traditional Texan cuisine. The kolach is a bun made out of a sweet, puffy dough thats traditionally been filled with fruit pulp or jam, but this recipe uses a delicious cream cheese filling.

For the Kolaches recipe, click here.

Chicken paprikash (Hungary)

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Dumplings (China)

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Shoyu chicken (Hawaii)

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Arroz con pollo (Spain, Latin America)

A simple dish thats a perfect way to use leftover chicken, arroz con pollo is a popular dish throughout Latin America and Spain. In Spanish, the self-explanatory term means chicken with rice, and it is typically flavored with saffron, but this recipe is seasoned with garlic, cilantro, brown sugar and lemon pepper.

For the Arroz con Pollo recipe, click here.

Butter chicken (India)

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Butter chicken is a North Indian curry dish made with chicken marinated in a tomato-based sauce that contains butter, yogurt, lemon juice and ginger-garlic paste. This recipe uses hung curd and traditional spices such as red chili powder, garam masala and cumin.

For the Baar Baar Butter Chicken recipe, click here.

Quiche (France)

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A savory tart made with a filling of custard and cheese, vegetables, meat or seafood in a pastry crust, the quiche originated in France. Popular fillings include cooked ham, spinach, mushrooms and cheddar cheese; use whatever fillings you like with this easy quiche recipe that uses biscuit mix for a shortcut.

For the Impossibly Easy Quiche recipe, click here.

Lasagna (Italy)

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French fries (Belgium, France)

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Hummus (Middle East)

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A popular appetizer at halal restaurants serving Middle Eastern food, hummus is a dish made with mashed chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and tahini. It is typically used as a dip for bread, but it can also be eaten as a spread or side for vegetables, chicken and falafel.

For the Easy Hummus Recipe, click here.

Kifli (Hungary, Austria)

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Princess cake (Sweden)

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Princess cake, or prinsesstrta as its called in Swedish, is an iconic dessert in Sweden. A layered, cream and marzipan sponge cake, its known for its characteristic green appearance, topped with a pink marzipan rose.

For the Aquavit Princess Cake recipe, click here.

Enchiladas (Mexico)

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When tortillas are rolled around a filling and covered in a savory or spicy sauce, theyre known as enchiladas. The Mexican dish can have many different types of fillings, including meat, beans, cheese, potatoes and other vegetables and is often topped with more cheese. Queso fresco is used for this recipe.

For the Queso Fresco Enchiladas recipe, click here.

Irish soda bread (Ireland)

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Charoset (Central and Eastern Europe)

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Another traditional dish spread throughout the world by the Ashkenazi Jewish diaspora is charoset, also spelled haroseth. Traditionally eaten during Passover Seder, it is made by mixing apples, nuts, wine and cinnamon into a paste, symbolizing the clay that the enslaved Israelites of Ancient Egypt used to make bricks.

For the Ashkenazi Charoset recipe, click here.

Carbonara (Italy)

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Naan (Iran, South Asia)

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Apple pie (Netherlands, United States)

Ravioli (Italy)

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Waffles (Belgium, France)

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Kheer (South Asia)

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Gelegtes kraut (Germany)

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Jerk chicken (Jamaica)

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Avocado toast (Australia, California)

Peri-peri chicken (South Africa)

Eggs Benedict (United States)

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Food From Around the World That You Can Make at Home - The Daily Meal

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