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Here is a sampling of the weeks events and how to tune in (all times are Eastern). Note that events are subject to change after publication.

Lincoln Centers annual Mostly Mozart Festival, a summer tradition that celebrates the composers talent, moves to the airwaves this year. Every hour of airtime on WQXR radio this week is dedicated to the classical legend. (You can also tune in at Listeners are treated to performances of Mozarts oeuvre, as well as readings of his letters, musical homages from other artists and even trivia.

When Until Aug.16Where

Have an evening filled with poetry, courtesy of the Whiting Foundation, a nonprofit that recognizes and supports emerging writers. Aria Aber, Diannely Antigua, Jake Skeets and Genya Turovskaya each a winner of this years Whiting Award read their poems at a digital event co-hosted by Books Are Magic, a Brooklyn bookshop.

When 7 p.m.Where

Take a master class in ballet taught by Benjamin Millepied, a choreographer and the artistic director of L.A. Dance Project. The companys digital platform also offers virtual workouts as well as a video library containing wellness tips, performances and interviews. There are a handful of unlocked options or you can sign up for a free one-week trial.

When Anytime


The owners of Gefilteria, an Ashkenazi Jewish food company based in New York City, share their secrets to pickling because surely you're sick of all that sourdough bread-baking. The $25 program includes a culinary lesson and an introduction to Jewish history and cuisine.

When 7 p.m.Where

Take a closer, entirely different look at the brain. Tatiana Mitra, an artist based in New York, and her husband, Partha Mitra a physicist and neuroscientist studied gray matter from humans, octopi, zebra finches, mice and turtles to create gigapixel photographs and ink drawings. The works, collected for an exhibition at the New York Hall of Science, are as detailed as they are astounding.

When AnytimeWhere

Remember OK boomer? Jill Filipovic, a lawyer and contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, turns the retort into a rallying cry in her book, OK Boomer, Lets Talk. In an online discussion with the cultural critic Baratunde Thurston for Politics and Prose, a bookstore in Washington, D.C., Ms. Filipovic explains how millennials livelihoods are threatened by the decision-making of older generations.

When 8 p.m.Where

Drift away with David Zwirners At Sea digital exhibition, which features more than 30 works by the likes of Gustave Courbet, Diane Arbus and Cecily Brown. Each of the paintings and photographs be it a product of 19th-century Realism or a contemporary performance piece ruminates on one of arts oldest muses.

When AnytimeWhere

Put your imagination and knowledge of physics to the test with Rube Goldberg Inc.s 2020 challenge. Using a cat, a domino set and anything else you have at home, the goal is to water a plant in 10 to 20 steps; film your working contraption (horizontally, please) and submit your footage for a chance to win bragging rights and $200.

When Submissions accepted until Aug. 21 at 12 p.m.Where

Catch a recent film made by an East or Southeast Asian director on Filmatique. The streaming platform, which offers a free monthlong trial, has uploaded the first two selections from its latest themed series, Contemporary Asian Voices: Phuttiphong Aroonphengs 2018 drama Manta Ray and Jia Zhangkes 2015 romance Mountains May Depart, a Times critics pick.

When AnytimeWhere

Celebrate dance from the Middle East. The Annual Battery Dance Festival presents pieces by Hoedy Saad, who took the ballroom scene to Beirut; Project TAG, a company from Iraqi Kurdistan; and Tanin Torabi, a choreographer and performer from Iran. The program also commemorates the life of Ayman Safiah, a Palestinian dancer who drowned in May.

When 7 p.m.Where

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Perfect the Art of Pickling and Ponder a Night of Poetry - The New York Times

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