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Posted By on February 19, 2021

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Aveda is a 100 per cent vegan answer to many hair problems

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Im an Ashkenazi Jew with the curls to prove it. When I go to the salon, I get booked for a double-lengthed appointment as my locks dont play nicely. Over many years, my hairdresser and I have experimented to find the best product/regimen for my loud and proud curls. And the answer is, Aveda.

Before going into specific products Ive been taught to use, lets explore Aveda. I had no idea about the rich history of the founder, company and products. Ive only associated Aveda with spa-smelling stores and pricey (worth the investment) products.

Horst Rechelbacher is the founder of Aveda.

Rechelbacher was born in Austria. He started working at a salon when he was 14. By 17, he was a stylist at a prestigious salon in Rome. By 20, he won the European Hairstyling Championship and used this recognition as a catalyst to head to the American market.

Still in his 20s, Rechelbacher opened his own salon, Horst & Friends. Before he was even 30, he experienced burnout. His mother, who was a herbalist, treated his condition using natural remedies. He also started a meditation and yoga practice.

Rechelbacher went to a retreat in India and was introduced to Ayurveda, an alternative Indian medicine practice. He integrated Ayurveda into his lifestyle and business, including the belief that individual beauty is directly linked to the beauty of the world around us.

In India, Rechelbacher met Shiv Nath Tandon with whom he developed his first Clove Shampoo. This collaboration, along with doctors in Ayurveda, led to the founding of Aveda in 1978.

Aveda develops products with the whole person in mind, as this leads to greater balance and well-being. They consider the effects of their products on the mind, body and emotions, not just the skin or hair.

I mean, Im just one user of their products, but mission successful. My mind, body, soul and hair feel taken care of when I use their products.

I have thick curly (like a very unruly wave with some ringlets) hair, but my best friend who lives by these products has stop-her-in-her-tracks stunning ringlets. Both she and my hairdresser have trained me to use two products for my hair, be curly style-prep and be curly curl enhancer.

This is a terrible photo of my hair (the brunette below) but look at my best friends perfected locks.

This is a must-have. Its the pre-style foundation that detangles, moisturizes and defines curls by sealing the cuticles. Whether Im wearing my hair curly or straight, this product is my foundation as it tames the frizz. You just need a small amount of this product.

The product uses a wheat protein and organic aloe blend. It expands when applied to wet hair and retracts when the hair dries, leaving a defined curl or wave. Two of its ingredients are organic baobab and babassu oil which help seal, soften and moisturize hair.

This product gives me a headstart when I straighten my hair, as Im dealing with already tamed tresses. I also like to believe that Im burning some of the product off and not directly putting 450 degrees of heat on my hair.

When I know Im going to straighten my hair, I let it dry in a low and tight French braid. This way the hair that is closest to my scalp doesnt have a chance to curl too much and Im more successful with the straightening iron.

When Im in the Caribbean, my hair dries like a dream without any product. When Im in Canada, if my hair dries without product, my similarity to Medusa (visually ) is uncanny.

Avedas curl enhancer makes a mess make sense. I use a much larger dollop of this product as its responsible for adding more definition to my curls/waves and much-needed shine.

Aveda recommends twisting large sections of hair into tight coils and securing the ends to your scalp using large butterfly clips. They recommend covering your head with a fine hair net to avoid flyaways and frizz and then blow-dry on high heat with a diffuser. I put a bunch of the product in from scalp to roots and let the air do its thing.

I look forward to trying more Aveda products, as it does wonders for my hair (and well-being the products smell oh so good).

If youre curious, Rechelbacher wrote about his holistic approach to beauty and health in his guide called, Aveda Rituals: A Daily Guide to Natural Beauty and Health.

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