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Posted By on July 18, 2022

Since time immemorial, Africans have always embraced a giving culture and for those lucky enough to become successful in the diaspora, remittances to aid their kin or communitys welfare comes in handy. The need to provide quality and affordable Health Care to loved ones and the less privileged and direct it to local development goals has become a primary priority.

With the fast modern world advancing in technology which is consequently witnessing the move away from informal money transfer mechanisms, including couriering money through family, friends or traditional money changers, thousands of Kenyans are now subscribing to a new cashless technology that ensures your loved ones can receive quality and comprehensive Health Care from whichever location.

This is through purchase of transferable medical credits thanks to the creation of an organized digital Medicare plan, KimboCare. KimboCares new healthcare technology comes as a relief to thousands of working and financially stable individuals in the diaspora, who are willing to finance health provisions for the less privileged in society. Traditionally, using cash pay-outs, proved inefficient due to lack of a system which could effectively monitor and ensure the funds are put into their rightfully intended use. With KimboCare, this means that no money is transferred, but rather Kimbo points. Users simply download the App for free on their android and iPhone handsets and then they create an account before topping it up. KimboCare managers claim it takes less than 3-5 minutes to complete those two steps.

Once in their account, users can:

Purchase the points referenced on the website as health credits. Health credits can be used anytime, as the users and their families need it.

Then, name a beneficiary or patient to whom they want to donate health credits from their recharged account.

Next, choose the appropriate care bundle from a detailed description of each medical service included in each care bundle on the platform, so the sponsor knows that they are meeting the needs of the beneficiaries or patients.

Finally, pick a healthcare provider geographically convenient; the platform highlights the facilitys operational hours and the provided services.

Note that each care bundle is listed with a price, but the actual medical service delivered may cost less, leaving the users with a health credit balance which they can reuse in due time for another doctor visit or beneficiary in a functional and easy-to-monitor form. This makes KimboCare one of the most trusted and transparent health technologies in developed and developing countries.

At the forefront of this new development is a team of dedicated entrepreneurs who understood the frustrations faced by Africans in the diaspora due to lack of traceability and transparency of donated funds meant to give access to primary health care. With this innovation, you can now have peace of mind by sending quality care you are sure about to a loved one. No more money scams or headaches, said Franck Tiambo, one of KimboCare technology founders. Thousands can now breathe a sigh of relief with the new technology debuting its entry into the East African region. Our services are now in Nairobi, Kenya and soon in other cities. Its as simple as sending immediate access to the best care to your loved ones.

Our medical partners on the ground have been carefully selected to offer your family and friends quality Health Care, the team has announced. Having already been tried and tested successfully in two African Countries, KimboCare will definitely be a welcome change transforming the face of HealthCare in the region. In her own words, co-founder Murielle Tiambo notes, HealthCare modules are certainly the modern way to send care to those you love from wherever you are.

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Kenyans in the diaspora embrace new tech solution, KimboCare - GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

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