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Posted By on September 6, 2022

As a result of the recent emigration, the diaspora from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is becoming more and more numerous every year. According to estimates available in official data, the Agency for Statistics of Receiving Countries and Diplomatic-Consular Representations of BiH in the world, it is estimated that at least two million people from BiH live in emigration. However, there is no accurate data because there is no necessary diaspora registry either. Despite the activities of certain organizations that deal with emigration issues, there is still no single database for local communities and the interests of our diaspora. At the First Days of the BiH Diaspora event, held in Sarajevo, there was talk about the project of a necessary service for the diaspora due to the wide range of needs of our people outside of BiH and the lack of quality connections with the homeland. Nudzejm Pasic, coordinator of the event, says that their intention was to build mutual trust and strengthen relations.

Act jointly towards the diaspora and use this potential in the right way. This is the reason for the project under the title 5525, through which investments are realized in specific projects from investors from the BiH diaspora.

Haris Halilovic, vice president of the World Diaspora Federation of BiH FBiH, believes that BiH the diaspora has done what it can and that now it is the turn of the state of BiH, which must take certain steps if it wants a partnership relationship.

Stojan Stevanovic decided to invest in his native Lopare.

Hasib Hadzic, president of the Association Bosna International Forum, which organized the First Days of the BiH Diaspora, claims that the country remembers diaspora only before the elections.

Although there are certain strategies at the entity and state level, there is still no strategic connection with the homeland in terms of institutional connection through the Ministry of Diaspora. For now, there is no political will, Federalna reports.


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There is no institutional Connection between the State of BiH and the Diaspora - Sarajevo Times

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