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Posted By on July 21, 2022

Hon. Bah, who also issued certificates to various community leaders, took the opportunity to discuss a wide range of diverse issues of concerns for the entire Gambian diaspora.

One of the most important items deliberated during the consultation which was facilitated by Suntou Touray, the current Charge dAffaires at The Gambia High Commission, includes increase volume of flights and baggage allowances for airlines flying to The Gambia.

Mr. Touray, who was extremely helpful with the press protocol, further requested an open dialogue between the government of His Excellency, President Adama Barrow and the diasporathis will only lead to a win-win gain for The Gambia.

Similarly, the lack of Gambian owned cultural community centres in the UK; disputes over land issues in The Gambia; promoting The Gambian brands in the UK; engaging the Gambian community in responsible Tourism and widercultural promotion were highlighted.

In addition, certain controversial topics such as the negative behaviours of certain Banjul airport officials towards Gambians on arrivals were raised prompting some to suggest an investigation of the matter.

Nevertheless, this correspondent equally hears in confidence that Gambians are demanding that any future High Commissioner to the UK must be qualified and competent as well as suitable and up to the task.

According to our sources, already someone has been identified but yet to be confirmed to fill the position of High Commission in London.

Also, another bone of contention is the current 20kg baggage allowance awarded to Gambian travellers which they argued is not enough. Consequently, they are demanding at least a total of 50kg.

Gambians are also requesting that Immigration officers be allowed to travel abroad to help the diaspora in renewing and updating of passports.

During our inquiries, The Point also understands that another important issue for Gambians includes the need to register their presence abroad so that they could be easily traced and identified especially in case of tragedies.

Hon. Bah who was credited for keen attention to the views expressed assured Gambians that he would share the constructive exchanges of ideas with his cabinet colleagues.

Countering complaints that the Gambia diaspora is neglected, Hon. Bah, emphasised that the diaspora is an important pillar in advancing the Gambian development agendaand the government takes the concerns of the diaspora seriously.

Certificates of recognition were awarded by the Minister to Ambassador Imam B. Jaiteh, for promoting community cohesion and charity work; Amadou Jallow; Ida Sanyang; Imam Bai Cham and Ebou Juwara for various community support across the UK.

Imam Jaiteh used the opportunity to thank the Gambia government officials for their efforts and a job well-done.

Hon. Bah, who is highly regarded in the UK by officials in the tourism sector, was accompanied by high level delegation including Abubacarr S. Camara Director General of the Gambia Tourism Board and Adama Njie, Director of Marketing at GT Board.

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Tourism Minister Bah meets Gambians in the UK - The Point - The Point

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