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Posted By on June 3, 2021

A 1,500 years old amulet, known as Solomons Seal' -once believed to have protected women and children from evil eye has been unveiled by archaeologists after 40 years of its discovery near the site of a Byzantine-era synagogue. The ancient amulet was found in northern Israel in the Biblical region of Galilee, near the remains of the ancient Arbel synagogue late Tova Haviv, a local resident of the village of Arbel, mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. After her death, a family member handed it over to the National Treasures Center at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), where it is being examined further.

The triangular-shaped pendant is believed to be worn as a necklace by people to have divine protection. The front has an inscription of a horse rider with a halo around his head, while the back is inscribed with an evil eye being pierced with various means like arrows, a scorpion, snake, bird, and two lions.

IAA detailed the discovery in a Facebook post, explaining the meaning behind the inscriptions. The haloed rider is shown to be throwing a spear at a female figure on the ground. Experts suggest that the rider is depicted to be overpowering the evil spirit, shown here as the female, identified as the mythological figure Gello or Gyllou. It is known as an evil eye that threatens women and children. In Greek mythology, Gello causes miscarriages, infertility, and infant mortality.

The Sun states that a myth suggests that Gello died a virgin and wanted revenge as a ghost, whereas a Byzantine belief claims that spirits who haunted homes and killed children at nights were Gellos.The One who conquers Evil, is written in Greek inscription around the rider, Greek letters I A W , which translates to Y H W H, or name of Hebrew God Yahweh was written under the house. Another Greek inscription reading One God was found on the pendant.

Dr Eitan Klein, the deputy director of the IAAs Antiquities Theft Prevention Unit, dates it back to fifth to sixth-century CE, possibly produced in the Galilee or Lebanon.

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Amulet Dated 1500 Years Discovered in Israel, Believed to Guard Against Evil Eye - News18

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