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Posted By on September 6, 2021

By Sam GelmanCommunications Manager

The renowned journalMegadim, which offers original analyses of the Hebrew Bible from top Israeli scholars, published its first Hebrew-English edition in August 2021 in partnership with Yeshiva University Press. The journal was previously only published in Hebrew.

Founded in 1986 by Herzog College, the academic journal has published over 60 issues featuring contributions from Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein, Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Sabato, Rabbi Dr. Yoel bin Nun, Dr. Yael Ziegler, Dr. Avigail Rock and Rabbi Yaakov Medan.

Herzog Colleges partnerships with Yeshiva University offer a unique opportunity for cross-pollination of ideas between Israel and Jewish communities around the world, said Shalom Berger, director of the English Language Program at Herzog College. It is our hope that this bi-lingual issue of Megadim is the first step in exposing the richness of new approaches to Tanakh study to a wider audience of scholars and laymen.

Articles in the journals first Hebrew-English edition include How (Not) to Teach the Akeidah by Dr. Moshe Sokolow, Fanya Gottesfeld-Heller Professor of Jewish Education and associate dean of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration; R. Abraham Ibn Ezras Sojourn in Ashkenaz: Melting Pot or Multi-Cultural Experience? by Dr. Chaya Stein-Weiss; and Accounting for Tradition: Calculations in the Commentary of R. Eleazar of Worms to Esther by Dr. Chaya Sima Koenigsberg, former Straus Center Resident Scholar.

The English contributions were edited by a YU faculty editorial committee, which included Rabbi Hayyim Angel (Bible instructor at the Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies); Dr. Deena Rabinovich (chair of the Judaic Studies Department at Stern College for Women); Dr. Mordechai Z. Cohen (associate dean of the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and director of the Chinese-Jewish Conversation); Dr. Naomi Cohen Grunhaus (associate professor of Bible); and Dr. Stu Halpern (senior adviser to the Provost and Straus Center deputy director).

We are thrilled to see the release of this issue ofMegadim, said Dr. Halpern. It is a natural next step in the partnership between Yeshiva University and Herzog College, home to the renownedYemei Iyun be-Tanakh[days of Bible study] which, in recent years, have featured YU faculty lecturing to audiences of hundreds. We are confident that this volume will receive a wide readership in Israel, America and beyond.

The issue can be read in its entirety here.

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Herzog College and YU Press Publish First Hebrew-English Edition of Megadim Yeshiva University News - Yu News

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