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Posted By on July 13, 2021

Palestinian businesses and shops in central Samaria have been ordered by the Palestinian Authority to remove all signs written in Hebrew.

The order was issued by Abdullah Kmeil, governor of the Salfit District in the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories.

The actual town of Salfit is situated adjunct to the large Jewish settlement of Ariel. Many of the Palestinian businesses in the area rely on Israeli customers and clients.

Kmeils order would seem designed to drive an economic wedge between Israelis and Palestinians, which will ultimately do far more damage to the livelihoods of local Palestinians.

In an official statement, Kmeil explained in vague terms that the measure comes in light of a decision that was taken previously and confirming that the occupation is exploiting the scene of the signs in Hebrew for purposes that serve its racist and fascist policy.

The governor went on to warn that shop owners have one week to replace their Hebrew signs with ones in Arabic, after which Palestinian Authority security forces will begin making round to enforce the decision.

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Palestinian Businesses Ordered to Remove Hebrew Signs - Israel Today

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