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Posted By on June 27, 2021

I still have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. For one thing, I believe ruling class government and industry officials waited until after Election Day 2020 to tell people that the first vaccine was ready, because they wanted to get rid of Donald Trump.

I think the upper/ruling class has an alliance with the lower class to destroy the middle class. The upper class gets the lower class on its side by pretending they are fighting for liberty and justice. But, what the upper class really wants is a large, lower-class workforce in a position of servitude. So, the lower class will stay poor and never be successful in advancing their place in life. They will stay poor. The socialist revolution will not bring them equity.

Government responses to COVID-19 have greatly expanded the welfare state. Currently, there are about 320,000 people unemployed in New Jersey. A lot of these people have been excused from paying their bills on time. So why should they work?

Gov. Phil Murphy, the physical embodiment of the alliance between Wall Street and the welfare state, will keep the COVID-19 government benefit gravy train going until after the November 2020 gubernatorial election. Hes gotten rid of the pandemic-related restrictions, but kept the goodies. The stupid voters will love that. They will obey orders because disobeying them is not profitable. They like socialism for materialistic reasons.

Thats why I wont get vaccinated.

Lee Lucas, Gibbstown

Antisemitism rolls into Philly on food trucks

As a Jewish American, I am outraged that organizers of The Taste of Home event in Philadelphia, which was to feature food trucks with cuisines from around the world, disinvited a truck with Israeli food. The organizers said they were concerned about potential protests because no truck with Palestinian food was able to attend that day. (The sponsors later canceled the event entirely, after backlash against the Israelis trucks removal.)

Eating the cuisine of a particular country is not an endorsement of its government. That would mean eating at a restaurant featuring international dishes could absurdly amount to treason in certain circumstances.

Its disturbing that people were going to protest the presence of an American business serving Israeli food. It reminds me of Germany under the Nazis, when people protested and boycotted Jewish-owned businesses.

There were countless protests against the Trump administration during its four-year run. Many progressives compared President Donald Trump to Hitler, and said Never Again! However, when actual antisemitism occurs, many of these individuals turn their backs on us.

These same people who preach tolerance and demand that people be canceled while hanging up signs reading Hate Has No Home Here, evidently believe that Jews have no home here, as evidenced by their chilling silence in the food-truck controversy.

So much for social justice.

Evan F. Grollman, Glassboro

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