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In the first season of HulusTaste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, the host enjoyed everything from burritos and pad thai to poke and kebobs. Lakshmis easygoing screen presence and obvious love of food have made her the perfect host for the travel and food show, which seeks to shine a light on the diverse cuisines found throughout America. Its now back for a special seasonal iteration with Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition.

Opening Shot: Candles are lit on a menorah as prayers are sung.

The Gist: Padma Lakshmi wants to explore who we are through the food we eat. What exactly is American food? How did we get to where we are today? In the first installment ofTaste the Nation: Holiday Edition, Happy Challah Days, Lakshmi explores the history of Hanukkah and Jewish American cuisine. We hear from several Jewish New Yorkers who say they wish people didnt think Hanukkah was the Jewish Christmas and that Judaism feels more cultural than religious. Lakshmis first stop in New York is Russ & Daughters, the famous appetizing store perhaps best known for their smoked fish and bagels. Lakshmi helps make latkes with the owners and learns about the history of the store and of this kind of food.

The next stop on her tour is The Pickle Guys, where Lakshmi tries a variety of delicious pickled goods and hears about why pickling was so important to Jewish immigrants. Lakshmi also visits a historic Jewish family apartment, cooks with the minds behind The Gefilteria, a food venture with a goal of sharing Ashkenazi cuisine, and Holocaust survivor Ruth Zimbler, who shares her rich life story (and love of Russ & Daughters). We finish things at the home of Deb Perelman (creator of the beloved blog Smitten Kitchen) and her family, where Lakshmi and her daughter are invited to celebrate Hanukkah (and make a beautiful brisket).

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?Taste the Nationmight bring to mind series likeNo Reservations,Ugly Delicious,Chefs Table, andSomebody Feed Phil.

Our Take:FromTaste the Nation: Holiday Editions opening moments, its obvious this is going to be a delightful half-hour of television, your favorite comfort meal in TV form. Lakshmi is so easy to watch and listen to, a perfect host for introducing us to various cuisines and individuals. The first installment of this four-part series, Happy Challah Days, takes us on a captivating tour of New York, engaging the senses (and taking hold of our hearts) with each new stop. The other episodes in the series explore the stories of the Wampanoag nation and the Thanksgiving narrative, Nochebuena and Cuban traditions, and Lunar New Year in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Its a refreshing selection of holidays to hone in on, a welcome shake up from the tired stories about Christmas and Thanksgiving were used to seeing on food-based series.

What works best aboutTaste the Nation: Holiday Editionis the series commitment to showcasing different takes on a single cuisine, and the acknowledgement that there are many facets to a group of people; we see Hanukkah celebrated with latkes and brisket tacos, stuffed cabbage cooked in traditional Ashkenazi fashion. Good docuseries leave you wanting to learn more, and thats exactly how I felt by the time Happy Challah Days had come to an end; I wanted to look up recipes, understand traditions, and learn more history. Lakshmi seems to have a deeply curious spirit, and it translates so wonderfully on screen. Tasting the nation and the nations holidays with her help is a truly delectable way to spend an hour or two.

Sex and Skin: None.

Parting Shot: The now-completely lit menorah glows from the window.

Sleeper Star:This one goes to Ruth Zimbler, the 93-year-old Holocaust survivor with a deep love of Russ & Daughters and the Statue of Liberty. She discusses the harrowing memory of stained glass crunching under her feet after her synagogue was burned to the ground on Kristallnacht, the fear when she was separated from her parents for a year, and the way her life changed when they arrived in America. Most of the people Lakshmi visits in this installment have some kind of culinary background or work in the industry, but Zimbler is simply herself, generously sharing her incredible life story and charming us in the process.

Most Pilot-y Line: There arent really any pilot-y lines here, but plenty of endearing little nuggets, like all roads lead back to the Lower East Side and Jewish is a vibe.

Our Call: STREAM IT.Taste the Nation: Holiday Editionis a soothing, eye-opening, and often mouth-watering exploration of a handful of cultural traditions that remind us of Americas rich culinary diversity.

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StreamTaste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi: Holiday Editionon Hulu

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Stream It Or Skip It: 'Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi: Holiday Edition' On Hulu, A Festive Spin On The Mouthwatering Food Series - Decider

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