Beth Jacob uses fun to train teens to learn the Torah.Local news –

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The Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus is trying to get teens more actively involved in religious studies through their second year of the experience of the Law of the Teens on September 12.

Rabbi Avi Goldstein, a senior rabbi in the congregation, developed the idea for the program after his parents approached him in search of something more attractive to his children, said Rabbi, Beth Jacobs assistant rabbi. Shlomo Eisenberg said.

According to Eisenberg, Teenage Torah eXperience opposes taking classes on Sunday mornings, which may conflict with other activities such as sports, and many teens who say that religious studies is boring. I am trying to deal with the assumption by.

Goldstein and Beth Jacobs reaction was a program that combined short 25-minute classes with games, prizes, and snacks to appeal to students in grades 5-9.

Goldstein first tried the program in 2020 with a two-week trial period, and after positive reactions from students and their parents, he decided to implement it completely, Eisenberg said. Told Columbus Jewish News.

It was a huge success, Eisenberg said. You know, the kids loved it it was a really great experience for everyone.

This years program runs for two semesters on Sundays from 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm. The first semester is from September to December and the second semester is from January to August 2022.

You dont have to be a member of the congregation to take the course, but its paid, Eisenberg said. Registrants can also take Bar Mitzwa or Bat Mitzwa lessons at no additional cost.

Its all about making it exciting and fun for them, Eisenberg said. Judaism needs to be something that people perceive to be inspiring, and it needs to be meaningful to them in their lives today.

Eisenberg added that the program not only invites teens to study in class, but also for students who are using law lessons elsewhere.

We believe that everything in the law means teaching us how to live our lives, Eisenberg said.

The goal of the program is also to give a positive impression that encourages students to explore Judaism throughout their lives by visiting Israel, participating in synagogues and continuing to study in general.

Eisenberg added that his parents supported the program. For example, parent Emily Kandel said in an email that she was looking forward to her daughter attending the class and that the program changed her view of Jewish education.

Parent Heidi Soloman said in an email that her child told her that the program was fun. Soloman said the class was a much brighter place in the past year.

Parents Seth and Leslie Hoffman said in an email that they were grateful for the program that kept their children interested.

Our kids want to go every week, but its not always easy in this age group, so its clear that the program is working properly, said Leslie Hoffman.

Contact Eisenberg for more information on the program.

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Beth Jacob uses fun to train teens to learn the Torah.Local news -

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