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According to critics, Palestinian leaders and Western supporters of the left are reinterpreting the history of the Bible as awakened activity in the Middle East expands. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been bolded by some European and UN agencies and is trying to break the link between Judaism and the Christian sanctuary. Opponents of the campaign claim that they are trying to invent a new story that supports the claim to the region.

The erasure of PAs Jewish history, combined with the invention of Palestinian history, makes the Israelis a Zionist thief, occupier, foreigner, invader, and colonialist, that is, what is land. Used to define as unrelated people. Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Mediawatch, an Israeli-based organization studying Palestinian society, told Fox News.

Marcus points out many historically inaccurate statements made by high-ranking PA officials, including President Mahmoud Abbas, in a 2016 speech on Palestinian television. The Bible says that. The Bible says in these words that the Palestinians existed before Abraham. So why dont you recognize my rights?

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A series of questions sent to President Abbass spokesman and the Palestinian delegation to the United Nations were not returned for comment.

Jerusalem continues to be the main flash point of the battle to erase history. Senior Palestinian leaders have collectively dismissed Temple Mount, the most sacred place of Judaism, as a temple of suspicion. Zeev Orenstein, director of international affairs in the city of David, the ruins of ancient Jerusalem, told Fox News: United Nations and Palestinian leaders are trying to erase the Jewish and Christian heritage of Jerusalem.

Every day, excavations in the city of David, where Jerusalem began, confirm not only as a matter of faith, but in fact the connection between Jews, Christians and Jerusalem thousands of years ago. Orenstein added. This includes the discovery of thousands of years ago inscriptions confirming biblical events. Directly from the Bible page, including the name of King Hezekiah, a direct descendant of King David 2700 years ago. An ancient seal with the name of the person who came out written in Hezekiah.

By visiting the city of David, Orenstein says, people can touch with their own eyes, touch with their own hands, and walk with their own feet in this history.

Still, the elimination campaign has been prosecuted, especially around Jerusalem, but Israeli non-governmental organization Regavim has warned that the birthplace of Jewish history has been continuously attacked for years.

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The Palestinian Authority has embarked on a very carefully and deliberately organized program of historical revisionism in an attempt to obscure and eventually eliminate Jewish ties to the land of Israel, Regavim International. Spokesman Naomi Khan told Fox News. Since Jews and Samaria are the birthplaces of Jewish history, these areas are, of course, the focus of this insidious campaign.

The Palestinian Authority and its supporters have taken the physical relics of thousands of years of Jewish and Christian culture in an attempt to give way to a fictitious quasi-historical story that supports their political agenda. Proved to be willing to destroy.

The Oslo Accords require the Palestinian Authority to protect important places in Judaism and Christianity, and the PA protects free access for worship, research, tourism and scientific exploration, Khan said. We need to make it possible. PA has completely ignored these requirements, she said.

Kahn gave these examples:

Photo Credit Legavim(Regavim)

Sebastian is the name given by the Romans to Samaria and the capital of the Kingdom of Northern Israel, founded in the 9th century BC. Now an official tourist destination in Palestine, Regavim claims that visitors will not hear any mention of their connection with the Jews. An independent Jewish kingdom where Samaria was the seat of government.

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In the same area, Regavim once said there was a Byzantine building that he claimed to be the burial place for the head of St. John the Baptist, but added that the building had been destroyed and polluted. It is now in ruins. Regavim says the other cathedral, which was transformed into a mosque in Sebastian, was reinterpreted by a Pennsylvania tourist guide. Regavim said it has identified more than 300 such sites that are in the process of looting, damaging, completely destroying, or annihilating.

Photo Credit Legavim(Regavim)

Kahn concludes with a warning. Like the massive destruction brought to cultural artifacts by ISIS, the destruction of Jewish and Samaria-wide ruins is a tragedy of humanitys shared cultural and historical heritage, and the civilized nation is this barbaric. Should not be involved in.

Major Christian scholars say that attacks on Jewish history affect Christians. Rev. Petra Hert, director of Israels Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity, told Fox News: Rewriting the history of the Bible in an anti-Israeli attempt could have a fatal blow to the Christian faith. There is sex.

Hebrew, a professor of church history in the Middle East at Jerusalem University College and working on mutual understanding between Christians and Jews in Israel, said that todays Christian society is often on the verge of forgetting the Bible and Christians. Said. tradition. Therefore, by rewriting the history of the Bible (especially by excluding Israel), she puts nominal Christians into the realm of deceivers related to anti-Semitism, secularism, or other religious agendas. Ill invite you, he added.

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Hebron, a historic city managed by Pennsylvania, is another flash point. Yishai Fleisher, an international spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron, said the city served as an example of how the rewriting of historical records changed historical stories to support Palestinians. He said he voted in 2017 to place the Patriarchs tomb as a World Heritage Site in Palestine, which stated that UNESCO was under threat from Israelis. The vote left the Trump administration out of the UN agency.

A spokesman for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said in referring to the vote, All decisions made by the Board of Directors, the General Assembly and the World Heritage Committee are adopted by Member States, not UNESCO itself. I told Fox News. In Hebron and Jerusalem. A spokesman said, UNESCO will continue to oppose attempts to revise history. The legacy of historical complexity should unite people rather than divide them. This is UNESCOs main purpose. Continued. A spokesman concluded that the accusations and comments that UNESCO isanti-Israelare clearly inaccurate.

Fleisher talked about the importance of Hebron to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Fox Newss Chief Religious Correspondent Lauren Greens Lighthouse Faith podcast. Freisher explains that Israels first capital was Hebron, and Genesis bought land for Abraham to bury his beloved wife Sarah in Hebron 3,800 years ago.

He also said that Abraham was placed in the tomb with Sarah, and after their death his sons Isaac and Jacob, and their wives Rebeka and Leah, as well. They are all buried in the tombs of the Patriarch of Hebron and Matriac, making them one of the most sacred places in Judaism. King Herod built a building to mark the tomb 2000 years ago and turned it into a mausoleum. Later, the Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi Mosque was built inside the building and serves as an active mosque for the majority of the Islamic community in Hebron.

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Fleisher has issued a warning about the result. Instead of defeating Israel on the battlefield, Jihad has launched an outlawed war aimed at eradicating international support for Israel, he said. In essence, its a large-scale slander campaign that systematically erases the ancient history of Israel on this land and replaces it with the invented Palestinian story. The main target of this campaign is to fight the facts. A young Westerner who is too ignorant.

Freisher said he would continue to protect history from what he called the Jihadist alternation story. We fight it, claim historical rights in Jewish, and do everything to fight historical erasure.

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Palestinians accused of erasing history, awakened history hits the Middle East -

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