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UFTs Stringer pushThank you, United Federation of Teachers head Michael Mulgrew, for endorsing Comptroller Scott Stringer for mayor and advising teachers to not rank candidates Eric Adams and Andrew Yang on their ballots (Desperate UFT targets Eric & Yang, June 2).

I think youve helped me and a lot more voters decide on our choices. Ill be voting for Adams and ranking Yang second. Stringer will not be ranked. If the parents of school-aged children do the same, we can send the message that the UFT endorsement is no longer a plus.

In a year when other city workers, utility workers, grocery and supermarket workers, truck drivers, mailmen and so many more stepped up, these spoiled, pampered teachers got paid to sit around in their underwear watching TV or going on vacation.

If you believe the city is doing great, vote for Stringer, and youll get more of the same.

George CzerniawskiBrooklyn

Hiding JudaismBruce Bawer asserts that Aaron Keyak, a staffer in the Biden administration, is an Orthodox Jew (Tellingly Terrible Advice for US Jews, PostOpinion, June 3).

It is difficult to understand what kind of Orthodoxy Keyak is practicing, as he encourages American Jews to hide their Jewishness.

One of the main tenets of Judaism is recited three times a day in Jewish prayer. In it, Jews affirm their belief in god by outwardly displaying their commitment to him, through affixing Mezzuot on doors inside and outside their homes, by displaying tzizit, fringes worn by men, as well as a yarmulke on their heads to further affirm that there is a higher power.

Denial of being Jewish and sending Jews into hiding is what causes Jews to be weak, cowering and targets for anti-Semitic attacks.

On the contrary, Jews should stand tall and proud of their Jewishness to show the world the pride and strength with which they display it. Aaron Keyak should hang his head in shame and be ignored.

Hindy KiermanEast Brunswick, NJ

BLMs faultsI take my hat off to Rashad Turner for speaking out for black children (BLM ugly truth, June 2).

All these organizations and politicians do nothing but make money off these children. Education is so important for children to have a chance in this world and succeed.

Its about time people start speaking out about these organizations, and maybe some positive things will happen not lip service with no action and no results.

P. FletcherMassapequa

Reform yeshivasIt may be June, but I skated on ice to work today: Hell has frozen over. New York State Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein and I support the same education legislation (Holocaust teaching bill progresses in Albany, following roadblocks, June 1.)

Eichenstein has been a long-standing opponent of my organization, Young Advocates for Fair Education, and has worked to block oversight of New Yorks ultra-Orthodox yeshivas.

To see him support a bill that authorizes oversight of all schools Holocaust curriculum, including private schools, is a welcome change.

We can only hope that his support for transparency continues when inspection time actually comes, and the state Education Department sees that Holocaust history education is far from the only secular subject missing at these schools. That is, if yeshivas even let auditors in the door.

Naftuli MosterExecutive Director, YAFFEDNew City

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