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Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Larry David, Cheryl Hines and J.B. Smoove attend the Premiere Of HBOs Curb Your Enthusiasm at Paramount Pictures Studios on October 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Larry Davids popular comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, returned to HBO on Sunday night for its 11th season. But viewers hoping for spoilers as the show rolls out over the next couple of months will be hard-pressed to find them, said Jeff Schaffer, a longtime Curb collaborator, who directed all but one of the 10 new episodes. You know how there are those teenagers who go to prom and their stomach hurts and they go to the bathroom and theyre totally surprised that they had a baby? Schaffer, 51,deadpanned toJewish Insiders Matthew Kassellast week. Thats how Larry wants the season to come out. He wants it to just come out like a bathroom baby. A prom bathroom baby that no one knew was coming.

Strange predicaments:Schaffer, who helped David write most of the new season over daily FaceTime sessions early on in the pandemic, remained faithful to that wish in an interview from his office in Los Angeles. From minute one this season, youre going to see that Larrys gotten himself into some strange predicaments, he said, only broadly characterizing the narrative arc. I will say that at the beginning of the season, it seems like theres a lot of disparate threads, but they do all tie together very nicely by the end, I think in a way youd never expect.

Jewish lens:Still, he was willing to reveal a few noteworthy and distinctly Jewish tidbits that viewers should look out for. There are quite a few places where Judaism comes front and center, said Schaffer, who describes himself and David, now 74, as the Impossible Burger of Jews. We look like one, we sound like one, but on the religious side theres a fundamental difference between us and, I think, your more observant Jew, he said.

His goy Friday:There is an episode in which David addresses the issues of antisemitism and hate groups as, of course, only Curb Your Enthusiasm can, Schaffer disclosed. Theres a discussion about how the Jews fled Egypt that features prominently in an episode, he added. Its sort of part of who Larry is, so these kinds of things are always getting woven into the fabric of our shows. Elsewhere, David is tasked with instructing Jon Hamm his goy Friday, Schaffer quipped on the intricacies of Yiddish slang. Poor Jon Hamm, Schaffer said. He didnt go to Sunday school. What does he know?

On the horizon:Schaffer, who has worked with David since the Seinfelddays in the 1990s and whose most recent independent project is Dave, the FXX comedy series said he was in the process of putting the final touches on the Curbseason finale. Were basically almost done, he told JI. And then? And then, well see, Schaffer said. Every season is the last season, and if this happens to be the last season, I think it ends on a very strong note. But, he suggested, there may be more in store. I have a feeling Larry might get into more scrapes in the future that he wants to write about.

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Bonus:TheWall Street Journalexamineshow Larry David has emerged as a fashion icon despite or perhaps because of his plain attire.

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Daily Kickoff: Jill Biden cites Rabbi Sacks + As Curb returns, an interview with the director - Jewish Insider

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