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Posted By on July 28, 2022

Partners Detroit Jewish Young Professionals hosted a Jews, Brews and BBQ summer event at its Platform 18 space in Royal Oak on Sunday, June 26.

We had a great turnout of more than 20 people gathering for an evening of BBQuisine, craft brews and some big Jewish ideas, said Rabbi Noam Gross.

Gross, whos also the director of Partners Professional Division, says they were running summer series like this before the pandemic and originally planned on hosting it at Belle Isle in Detroit, in hopes of giving it a more summer feel. But had to quickly change locations due to the weather.

Those who registered for the event were notified, and we were still able to give it a chill summer vibe in our building. We have a large garage door we were able to open, and people could still enjoy the outdoor feel with good food and music.

For all Partners Detroit events, Gross says, while socializing and community is important, they always implement something with depth.

We share an idea of Judaism that people can think about and take home with them. On top of that, especially post-COVID, pushing yourself to get up and get out is crucial, he said.

Everyones gotten used to locking themselves up. I think in some ways we still are struggling a little bit. Pushing yourself to meet other people and having a sense of community with a good group of people who are happy to see you is important in hopes to expand our Jewish journey together.

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Next Dor: Jews, Brews and BBQs Detroit Jewish News - The Jewish News

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