There is so much to come at Rangers from Rabbi Matondo – Ibrox Noise

Posted By on September 25, 2022

If theres a player of whom so much was expected but weve not quite seen delivered its Rabbi Matondo.

Hailed as the big answer to Rangers long-lasting right wing issue, the Wales international, a Schalke player on loan at Cercle Brugges, Matondo impressed everyone v Spurs with electric pace, a good dribble, good vision and an assist.

In short, going by preseason Matondo was the answer wed sought and was looking like a bargain jewel at just 2M, especially given his peak market value at around 10M.

Unfortunately he hasnt hit the ground running in competitive games. The only match he has impressed on any level in is the second half drubbing of St Johnstone, the-then worst team in the league, and that really isnt much of a barometer.

Whether its confidence issues or settling in problems, weve not yet seen any of that preseason potential realised, and its a real pity.

Lets be clear Matondo is one of these rough gems a player with every single trait needed at the top level to be a really fine asset. He has pace, he has power, he can dribble, pick a pass and generally be dangerous on the wing. He doesnt hide, and he works hard.

Unfortunately, the big trait he needs is mental fortitude the intangible psychological belief that he is good enough at a club as big as Rangers. Its one thing to be good enough phsyically, another one to deliver it for a jersey as heavy as ours on a stage as big as Ibrox.

We believe he needs time to settle, time to deliver on that preseason promise. We know theres a player there, hes got almost a dozen Wales caps and 30 Bundesliga appearances (not to mention almost 30 in Belgium too) under his belt for us to know hes played at the highest levels, and you dont fluke those.

Hes not got going yet for Rangers, but we look forward to him when he does.

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There is so much to come at Rangers from Rabbi Matondo - Ibrox Noise

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