No neutrality between extremism and democracy: Kenney

Posted By on August 31, 2014

By Joel Goldenberg, August 27th, 2014

Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney received a warm welcome Saturday morning at Cte St. Lucs Or Hahayim Synagogue, where he spoke about his governments principled support of Israel. On hand at the Sephardic community synagogue were Israeli Consul Avi Lev-Louis, DArcy McGee MNA David Birnbaum, Cte St. Luc mayor Anthony Housefather and councillors Dida Berku and Mitchell Brownstein. Rabbi Moise Ohana started the proceedings by praising Prime Minister Stephen Harpers Israel stance and denouncing the global incitement against Israel and Jews around the world in general. Kenney, who delivered his speech entirely in French, said his government adopted its position on Mideast affairs not for political or domestic electoral reasons. We took these positions, often against our political interests here in Canada, he told the congregation. Our critics have said we changed Canadas traditional position radically, and thats true. We have gained the attention of certain forces around the world that do not share our civilizational values of peace. Kenney added that there are those who want Canada to have a moderate and balanced position between Israel and its neighbours, a position of honest broker. An honest broker, between what? the minster said. Balanced between terrorism and anti-terrorism? Balanced between extremists, and democracy and civilization represented by Israel? An honest broker between Hezbollah, Hamas , Al Qaeda and ISIS in one corner and the only Jewish nation in the history of the world in the other corner, a democratic country that profoundly respects human rights? With a country that respects civilizational values, the dignity of the person, and the sanctity of human life, how can Canada be neutral between these two forces? Kenney said Canada understands that the terrorist group Hamas, which is in control of Gaza and engaged in conflict with Israel, has no interest in a peace process, negotiations, respect for a Jewish state or a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. Canada, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, understands that the enemies of Israel are interested in just one goal, the destruction of the Jewish state and, even more, the destruction of the Jewish people, he added. Thats why we have taken our position. Kenney was also guest of honour at a kiddush lunch sponsored by Alex Bouhadana and Elliot Lifson. n

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No neutrality between extremism and democracy: Kenney

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