Spanish Cities Celebrate Jewish Womens Contributions to Their Heritage

Posted By on September 15, 2014

Including Gastronomical Inventions of Sephardic Housewives

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A shop in the Jewish quarter of Cordoba, Spain.

Published September 14, 2014.

More than 25 Spanish cities launched a cultural program centered around their Jewish heritage in celebration of the 15th European Day of Jewish Culture.

Spain was one of about 30 countries marking the Jewish culture day on Sunday, which this year focused on women in Judaism.

The activities offered by Spains Red de Juderias, a national network of 26 cities where authorities have undertaken conservation and restoration of Jewish heritage sites, will focus during the week of Sept. 14 on the role of women in Jewish culture.

In Barcelona, the city is organizing a scientific conference led by the writer and translator Moriah Ferrus on the subject part of a five-day program on Judaism which started on Sept. 13.

Opting for a less intellectual approach, the city of Cuenta organized a food fair to celebrate the gastronomical inventions of the Sephardic housewife. Many of the cities are offering concerts of Ladino music, with a special emphasis on music written and performed by women.

In Brussels, the day is being marked with the reopening of the Jewish Museum of Belgium, which has remained closed since the murder of four people there in May. A plaque commemorating the victims of the shooting was unveiled on Sept. 9. at the museums entrance. The previous day, the City of Brussels increased the museums annual budget for security from $6.500 to $38,000.

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Spanish Cities Celebrate Jewish Womens Contributions to Their Heritage

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