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Posted By on October 21, 2020

Since 1946, the victims of the Nazi oppression are commemorated in Luxembourg.

75 years ago, the Second World War came to an end. The joy and relief that came with the demise of the Nazi troops was immense, but the victims, dead or missing, were immediately memorialised. The national day of commemoration that will take place this weekend will especially honour the female victims of the war, whose role is often forgotten about.

In this year's proclamation, the government indeed states that men were the ones to fight against the Nazi occupation in the resistance movement, and that they were the ones to be forced into a war that was not theirs to fight - resulting in population transfers and deportations.

Unfortunately, the role of women, who had to bear the terrors of wars by themselves, is often forgotten about in popular history, which is why this year will focus on the female victims, mothers and daughters.

Their role was indispensable to the resistance movement, not only in Luxembourg, but in all fighting countries. Without them, the opposing forces would not have worked as efficiently on the home front. Indeed, men were responsible for the physical fight, but on the home front, women were the ones to hold up the morale and supplies. In addition, mothers found themselves in emotional turmoil as their children were often forcedly removed from their homes - especially with Jewish families.

The courage that these women displayed should serve as a role model for everyone, the government stresses. In a way, civil courage is still relevant to this very day, and fighting for common values remains essential.

In the context of the national day of commemoration, a lot of attention will be brought to the young women who were forced to work for the Third Reich's Labour Service (Reichsarbeitdienst, RAD). A commemorative plaque will be unveiled in their honour, in the presence of the Grand Duke.

Further ceremonies will take place near the Gare district, at the Kanounenhiwwel where the eternal flame is located, near the Kaddish monument of the Shoah, near the Gelle Fra monument, and finally, on the Limpertsberg cemetery.

In addition, the whole country will naturally commemorate the Luxembourgers who were victims of the terror, misery, and war crimes induced by the Nazi regime.

Since 1946, the national day of commemoration is celebrated to honour October 10th, 1941. This date marks a significant event in Luxembourgish national history, as on that day during the Nazi population count and famous referendum, Luxembourgers resisted by answering 'three times Luxembourgish'. 200 resistance fighters were imprisoned after this incident.

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National Day of Commemoration: Female victims under the Nazi regime memorialised this year - RTL Today

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